LBA 86 (High resistance aluminium arm straight or articulated)


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LBA 86 (High resistance aluminium arm straight or articulated) - 1

PUBLIC AND RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL W Y BRAKER A HIGH RESISTANCE aluminium arm straight or articulated • 10 000 cycles / day • Variable speed, programmable from 2 to 9 sec. • Three-phase motor, power supply 230 V • Adjustable rate of acceleration and braking • “Anti-shock” rotation feature • High resistance to shocks • Protected with cataphoresis Specifications Technical feature Housing and maintenance door : Steel sheet 3 mm protected with cataphoresis, blue paint RAL 5015, door equipped with a Ronis 405 lock. Steel sheet 2 mm protected with cataphoresis, white RAL 9010. Paint: Polyester powder baked at 250°, housing RAL 5015, top cover RAL 9010. Arm: Reinforced aluminium arm 175 x 75 mm, lacquered white + white and red reflecting bands. Counterbalance: C ompression spring < 1 800 kg + bar, chain and sprocket (replaces the counterweight). Emergency operation: anual operation by 11 turns of the handle and an anti-restarting lock. M Geared motor: T hree-phase 0,55 kw - 230V (∆) with brake driven by a frequency converter Double wheel converter and worm screw, lubricated for life Arm Oval Drive Voltage Speed Variator Operation time proportion m mm KW A/230V trs/mm 50 Hz mini/maxi From 3 to 4 m Standard equipment: ousing with geared motor, counterbalance and a half shell of arm support. H Isolating switch, frequency converter, control unit or PLC. Inductive sensors without contact for the arm adjustments. Anti-condensation thermostatic heating 230 V – 32 W. A set of keys for the maintenance door. Installation, connection, implementation and maintenance manuals. Reinforced aluminium arm 175 x 75 classe I Optional equipment: Safety magnetic loop - infrared cell – adapted logics – signage etc

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LBA 86 (High resistance aluminium arm straight or articulated) - 2

LBA 86 - reinforced straight or articulated arm from 3 to 6 m – 175 x 75 mm Type Maximum passing width Total weight Fixed support post or moving support is compulsory MCBF : 3 000 000 of cycles Normal (Number of average cycle without failure) (Average function time without failure) MTTR : 60 mn. (Average repairing time) Protection : IP 54 (Indication of protection) PVC sealed template frame +4 bars 16 X 250 mm+8 bolts. Rotative sealed template frame + 4 bars ø 16 x 250 mm + stainless steel disc + rotation kit. Fixed support post tube of 80 x 80 x 1200 mm. Fixed support post with 230 kg...

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