LBA 12 (FAR-REACHING ARM from 8 to 12 m - Ø 140 mm )


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LBA 12 (FAR-REACHING ARM from 8 to 12 m -  Ø 140 mm ) - 1

INDUSTRIAL W y braker a F ar-reaching arm •10 000 passages / day • Variable speed programmable from 7 to 15 sec. •Three-phase motor, power supply 230V •« Anti-shock » rotation feature and special maintenance • Resistant to gusts of wind until 160 km/h • Protected with cataphoresis Specifications Technical feature Housing and maintenance door : Steel sheet 4 mm protected with cataphoresis, blue RAL 5015, the door is equipped with a Ronis 405 lock. Steel sheet 3 mm protected with cataphoresis, blue RAL 5015. Polyester powder baked at 250°, housing RAL 5015, top cover RAL 5015. Arm: Reinforced glass fibre and polyester arm ø 140-70 mm with reflecting bands class I or II. Half shell: Galvanized steel of 10 mm for truncated in reinforced glass fibre of ø 140 mm. Counterbalance: Compression spring ≤ 3600kg + bar, chain and sprocket (replaces the counterweight). Emergency operation: he manual operation by 11 turns of the handle and an anti-restarting lock. T Geared motor: T hree-phase 0,55 kw motor powered by a single-phase 230V frequency converter. Double wheel converter and worm screw, lubricated for life + 17 mm shaft end for the crank. Arm Speed trs/mm Variator proportion Standard equipment: ousing with geared motor, counterbalance and a half shell. H Isolating switch, frequency converter, multi-program control unit Anti-condensation thermostatic heating 230V-32W Crank for manual emergency operations (with limited switches) A set of keys for the maintenance hatch and a key to adjust the limited switches Installation, connection, implementation and maintenance manuals Reinforced glass fiber and polyester arm of ø 140 mm with reflecting strips class I. Optional equipment: Safety magnetic loop or free exit - infrared cell – adapted logics – signage etc

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LBA 12 (FAR-REACHING ARM from 8 to 12 m -  Ø 140 mm ) - 2

LBA 12 - FAR-reaching arm from 8 to 12 m – ø 140 mm Optional equipment: PVC sealed template frame + 4 bars ø 20 X 400 mm. Maximum passing width Total weight Fixed support post or moving support is compulsory screws and junction (Nylon P6). Polyester paint, special color (RAL to be defined). “High luminosity” LED flashing light, 12 V, ø 180 mm Fixed support in 80 X 80 X 1200 mm. Ajustable moving support from 900 to 1000 mm. Articulated rigid aluminium skirt ø 20 mm of 9 m on stainless steel Motion detector on a magnetic loop, infrared cell etc. MCBF : 3 000 000 of cycles (Number of average...

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