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Portrait of an innovative brand > A Tognum Group Company size="-1">

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General Catalogue - 2

03 | Company profile 04 | Chronology and locations 06 | Customers and operational areas 08 | Innovations and products 10 | Development processes 12 | Production competence 14 | Quality and environmental management 16 | Product applications 18 | Staff >

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General Catalogue - 3

If you go back to the dawn of engine history, you inevitably come across Prosper L'Orange, the founderof our company. He was responsible for key developments, such as the precombustion-chamber enginedisclosed in German Patent DRP No. 230517, now recognized to have been a milestone in engine design. The precombustion-chamber paved the way for the high-speed, self-igniting diesel engine, turning itfrom a stationary monster weighing tons into a compact all-rounder. Our numerous innovations have been continuing this success story to the present day. Our declared aim is tostay one step ahead of...

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General Catalogue - 5

1985 1995 2006 1968 197819772001 > MTU Mnchen acquires all L'Orange shares MTU Friedrichs- hafen acquires all L'Orange shares Production startof the 2. genera- tion of a commonrail injectionsystem for marine diesel oil applications. ITT Automotiveacquires all shares from the L'Orange family Development of an electronic common-rail injection system for heavy-fuel operation Development of in-line and V-pumps for large diesel engines First L'Orangeinjection pump with sealed mono element for high-pressureand heavy-fuel operation 1990 > Wolfratshausen production plant opens 1994 > Development of...

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General Catalogue - 6

The world֒s leading engine manufacturers rely on our performance and reliability. As demanding users themselves, they take flexibility, reliability and innovative strength for granted and theyexpect their business partners to share those qualities. As experienced suppliers of injection systems, we facefresh challenges every day in meeting these requirements. We have no doubt that we will also be able to find a suitable solution for you.We represent the broad range of injection technology products for off-highway applications. Our systems supplyhigh-speed and medium-speed engines with an...

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General Catalogue - 7

The worlds leading engine manufacturers rely on our performance Caterpillar/MaKGermany CegielskiPoland Deutz MWMGermany Detroit Diesel CorporationUSA Doosan EngineKorea Fairbanks Morse EngineUSA Hyundai Heavy IndustriesKorea MAN B&W DieselDenmark MAN B&W Diesel/RustonU.K. MTU FriedrichshafenGermany MTU Detroit DieselUSA SEMT PielstickFrance Shaanxi Diesel Engine WorksChina STXEnpacoKorea Rolls-Royce/CrossleyU.K. Rolls-Royce Marine/Bergen Norway WҤrtsil FinlandFinland Wrtsil䤤 ItalyItaly Wrtsil NetherlandsNL W䤤rtsil NorwayNorway Zhenjiang Marine Diesel WorksChina > L'Orange technology for...

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General Catalogue - 8

Over the last few years, the main challenge to engine manufacturers has been to meet the variety of exhaustemission legislation. The main demands are lower exhaust emissions and reduced fuel consumption, increased service life and lower noise emission, all of which are supported by modern injection systems, in particular. For decades, conventional pump-line-nozzle injection systems have been favored for high-speed off-highway andmedium-speed heavy-fuel engines. The main focus is on rugged, durable systems with high injection pressures and the most accurate possible fuel metering. The...

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General Catalogue - 9

Nowadays, new high-quality engines increasingly rely on common-rail fuel injection. L'Orange is distinguished parti-cularly by its many years of experience in developing and manufacturing such injection systems. This key technology of the future will allow further significant improvements to be achieved with regard to the four main requirements ofengine manufacturers. Fuel injection at any desired pressure can be timed to the microsecond, independently of theengines operating cycle.For the engine manufacturer, the use of the compact and powerful common-rail pump has the economic and...

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General Catalogue - 10

Hog bristle: 0.1 mm Newspaper: 0.08 mm Paper clip: 1 mm Needle: 0.6 mm Male hair: 0.06 mm Fiber: 0.006 mm 1յm precision manufacturing DesignTest workshop / assemblyTest rig and endurance testing >

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General Catalogue - 11

The test is directly linked to the design and checks that the system is meeting its performance specifications. Test rigs specially designed and produced for injection systems are used to study the functions of the system; initial endurance runs guard against premature failure or wear.We consider complete project transparency for our customers to be a prerequisite of a trusting partnership. For theentire duration of the project there is direct contact to guarantee constant harmonization of information. In addition, the system is validated on a test engine directly at the customers...

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General Catalogue - 12

The manufacturing process is the clearest indicator of our approach to quality. A huge range of differentprocedures is dovetailed and consistently developed. > To achieve the highest product quality, we utilize virtually all the common measuring technologies: numerically controlledinspection, surface measuring, contour measuring. For pump and nozzle elements, matching clearances are measured in the m range. Endoscopes, microscopes and testing and approval test rigs complete this important department.Our manufacture is subject to extreme requirements, and this is most clearly manifested in...

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General Catalogue - 13

Milling helixesMatch-grinding and measuring clearancesThe result: L'Orange brand quality 13 >

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General Catalogue - 14

This responsibility means that we placeexact demands on ourselves. We develop, produce and sell our products strictly onthe basis of internationally recognized highquality standards - ISO 9001:2000, ISO/ TS 16949:2002 and environmental stand-ard ISO 14001.The detail of realization includes: Conti-nuous improvement of all the processes in the company. Introduction, verification and validation of new, forward-looking proces- ses. Responsible use of existing resources. We are responsible for meeting ourcustomers expectations, for the satis- faction of our staff, for fairness in part- nerships...

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