CN 305 Series Stage High Pressure Compressor


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CN 305 Series Stage High Pressure Compressor - 1

L & M COMPRESSOR O O CD CO CO CD L_ CL U) Three Stages Cast iron block and cylinders Pressurized oil lubrication system Connecting rods with needle roller bearings Guages on all stages including oil Relief Valves, ASME on 1st, 2nd, & Final Relief Valves, ASME on Inlet Latest Technology in valve and ring design Stainless steel valve assemblies on 1st, 2nd, & final Intercoolers on 1st, 2nd, after cooler on final ACD- Automatic Drain Block with explosion proof solenoid (Class 1, Division 2, Group D) Moisture separators on 2nd and final stages 2000 hours before internal maintenance Meets CSA / ASME standards for CNG Designed and built in the USA Benefits of Low RPM Technology Long Life Low Noise High Efficiency with Reduced Heat

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CN 305 Series Stage High Pressure Compressor - 2

Dimensions Width Depth Height Weight Fan Diameter 3 Cylinder, 3 Stage CNG Compressor 1) Capacity is referenced to 5 psig inlet conditions, 68°F inlet temperature @ 80% of the compressor's maximum working pressure. Tolerance +5/-4% 2) One GGE (Gasoline gallon equivalent) of natural gas is 126.67 cubic feet (3.587 m3) at standard conditions. 3) Specifications are subject to change. CNG Optional Features: Low oil switch Oil temperature switch Oil heater High temperature switch Low gas detection, .50 psig Shut off solenoid Vacuum transducer between shut off solenoid and compressor...

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