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MECHANICAL VIBR VIBRATEST-SERIES L.A.B. VibraTest-Series of mechanical shakers with a typical frequency range of 8-60 Hz, provide a low-cost approach for testing electronic products and components for loose solder connections and hardware failures. AMC+ (Advance Machine Control) comes standard with our VibraTestSeries, this feature expands the capabilities of the machine even further. TM Our VibraTest-Series of mechanical vibration systems meet ISTA, ASTM, MIL STD, ISO and other internationally and industrially recognized standards. We offer a wide variety of standard table sizes and capacities along with a standard frequency range from 8 to 60 Hz. TM VIBRATEST-SERIES FEATURES - Reaction type, mechanical vibration, DC Drive machine preforms vertical and horizontal sinusoidal tests. - Test Frequency is innitely adjustable between 8 and 60 Hz under operation. - Any combination of frequency and displacement must not exceed 3.2 G acceleration (10G optional). - Self contained, built in isolation system eliminates the need for special foundations. - Advanced design pneumatic system provides low frequency isolation and payload stability that is far superior to steel spring isolators. - Vibratory displacement is manually adjustable when the machine is not operating. - Once set, displacement is maintained at a constant level regardless of the test frequency. - This station has an E-Stop as well as power light and speed control. - Standard utility requirements: 200V/1 /60Hz power and source of 70-psi air for suspension adjustments (low volume of air required only during suspension adjustments, air is not required to operate the machine). VIBRATEST-SERIES OPERATION Operation is performed through L.A.B’s exclusive Advanced Machine Control Plus (AMC+), a Windows based control and display software package. Open up the program, select either continuous vibration or a frequency sweep mode. In continuous vibration mode, select the frequency level, maximum acceleration limit, and run duration. In frequency sweep mode, select the lower and upper frequency limits, cycle period, maximum acceleration limit and run duration. In either mode, the user must set the displacement manually with adjustable counter-weights on the vibration table. This procedure requires the user to calculate the displacement with a known frequency and acceleration. (Shown with optional insulated table.)

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MECHANICAL VIBRATION TESTING VIBRATEST-SERIES OPTIONS - 10G Maximum Acceleration - Insulated table top - casters - Height risers - Track - Diaphragm Support Brackets - Stainless Steel Drip Pan - Non Standard Voltage - CE Compliance - Windows XP Control with Accelerometer and Power/Signal Conditioner - Auto-Liner Cycling Function - Over G Interlock Limits - Acceleration Display (G) - Replaces Manual Frequency Monitoring and Control - Remote Interlock Start/Stop Function (For External Chamber) - Run Duration Timer w/Auto Stop Function MECHANICAL VIBRATION MACHINE TM Machine Type Machine Type...

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