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SD Series - 1

ECHANICAL SHOC SD-SERIES SHOCK MACHINE In today’sT world products and packaging is required to go through an extensive amount of testing before reaching the distribution environment. Often, many products are subjected to a specific test standard that requires the shock test. The L.A.B Shock Machine is used to conduct such tests, due to its ability to produce drop impacts that are controlled, reproducible and accurate. SHOCK WITH CONFIDENCE TM The SD-Series of mechanical shock machines are used in the design of rugged products and cost effective protective shipping packages. The SD-Series produces half-sine, sawtooth, and square wave pulses meeting military (MIL-SPEC) and industrial (ASTM, ISO, JEDEC) specifications, as well as other specified test requirements. TM SD-SERIES FEATURES - High Performance Carriage: every SD-Series Shock Test System carriage is a massive, solid aluminum casting machined to precision flatness. This ensures that the carriage has no resonant frequencies within the machine’s operating range. Consequently, the resulting shock pulses are clean and do not require over-filtering. - Specimens are firmly anchored to the mounting surface, which is equipped with numerous tapped holes machined to close tolerances. Each hole is strengthened with stainless steel inserts. - Fail-safe rebound brakes on every system incorporate a fail-safe design requiring no auxiliary air or electrical services. The brake arrests the carriage after rebound, prevents secondary impacts, and maintains it in a fail-safe position during the hoisting cycle. TM - Full safety guards are standard equipment on all SD-Series machines with power hoists. These expanded sheet metal safety enclosures surround the hoist mechanism and the carriage falling zone. Opening the electrically interlocked enclosure door will interrupt hoist operation. - No special foundation is needed. A solid steel reaction mass is isolated from the floor by heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers. This unique feature prevents transmission of shock waves created by the carriage impact, and is standard on all models. - All SD-Series are manufactured in the USA using the finest materials available. TM - Complies with ISTA, ASTM, ISO and other internationally recognized test standards. SD-Series Operation Load sample and accelerometer to carriage. Set your desired drop height by adjusting the release mechanism on the scale. Ensure proper pulse pad is installed and fixed with 2 bolts. Simply turn the switch on to activate motor driven chain and close the safety door. The chain will lift the carriage until the release mechanism is reached and the carriage drops. That’s it! L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., 1549 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, Illinois 60143, USA Phone: 630.595.4288 Fax: 630.595.5196 Rev 032211

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SD Series - 2

MECHANICAL SHOCKTESTING SD-SERIES OPTIONS - Extended drop height as required by customer - Automatic Cycle Counter allows multiple tests without operator intervention - Half Sine Shock Programmers are calibrated to produce standard shock pulses - Trapezoidal(squarewave) Pulse Cylinder pneumatically produces pulses and includes pressure regulation. A 13.8 Mpa (2000 N supply is required. - Elastomer Half Sine Kit includes 9 elastomer modules, two mounting plates, and fasteners. This allows a wide variety of man lly programmed half sine of Haversine pulses. - Dual Mass Shock Amplifier produces...

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