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MENT. YOUR SUCCESS. ACCUDROPTM DROP TESTERS Compiles with ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL STD and other internationally recognized test standards. Prcision drop testing at an affordable price. We call it the ACCUDROPTM Series drop tester. This series of drop testers represent the ultimate dimension in product and package performance testing and are designed to meet wide variety of global testing needs. With 3 models to choose from, you no longer have to compromise on the features you want or need. DROP WITH CONFIDENCE Model AD-500 is 1 of 3 models in the ACCUDROPTM Series. It helps determine the ruggedness of packages and the effectiveness of their interior cushioning when exposed to impact during material handling.The effects of dropping are easily duplicated in your laboratory using the controlled and prcise flat, corner, and edge drop tests. MODEL AD-500 ACCUDROP驙 FEATURES Hydraulic Lifing System with Three-Tine Vertical Drop Action - 500 Ibs (227 kg) maximum payload capacity. - 30" D (762 mm) maximum package size. Unlimited width or height. -48"Wx30"D (1219x762 mm) impact surface made of steel. - 2"- 30"(51-762 mm) adjustable drop height. - Drop height indicator scale allows drop height to be read from floor level. -Valve lever raises or lowers the support carriage in an appropriate position. - Hand held pendant for initiating the drop. - Stroke spacer for drop tests 12" and above for optimum drops. - Operator Safety Guard for preventing possible injury. - Package holding fixture holds package in correct orientation prior to drop, MODEL AD-500 MACHINE FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION -Three-Tine Support Carriage: Loads your package (use Package Holding Fixture for Edge or Corner drops); acclr驢tes downward, away from the falling package and settles into a recessed area in the base plate. - Hydraulic Power Supply: Hydraulically raises the test package to your determined drop height. -Valve Lever and Hand-Held Pendant Switch: The valve lever raises or lowers the support carriage to the appropriate height. The hand-held pendant switch initites the drop. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc., 1549 Ardmore Avenue, Itasca, Illinois 60143, USA Phone:630.595.4288 Fax:630.595.5196 Rev 032211 UilUJ

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ACCUDROP SERIES Three-Tine Support Carriage AD-500 ACCUDROPٙ OPTIONS - Extended drop height - Enlarged base plate for larger packages - Extended support tines for wider packages - International power requirements - Wooden base plate for MIL STD 810 testing - CE Compliance - Safety Fence TLP DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM: DROP & SHOCK - Complete Windows-based software - Easy Drop & Shock test aquisition and analysis - 8-ch (PCI Board) or 4-ch (USB Drive) data capture capabilities - Peak G, Duration, and Change-in-Velocity analysis - Max. rate 250K samples/sec (1 ch.); min. rate 3K S/sec (8 ch.)...

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