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Gemstone Spectroscopes Gem Testing Instruments Accurate gemstone alanysis by means of light spectrum analysis Test control instruments for discovering the fascinating variety of gemstones ∙ Proportionscopes ∙ Proportion eyepieces ∙ Digital gem gauges ∙ Dichroscopes ∙ Polariscopes ∙ Filters ∙ Immersion liquids ∙ Tweezers KL14-1504 Gem spectroscope with wavelength scale and fiber-optic-light source. KL14-1504 PO11 Your expert for Gemological Instruments 1501 Hand-held spectroscope with variable precision slit. Binocular Magnifying Glasses HD10 1501 These binocular magnifying glasses give you stereoscopic short distance viewing and leave your hands free for work. Optional with glasses frame for individual prescription lenses or aspherical halogen-lamp. 1504 1504 d an fin You c rmation fo in nts more instrume p ur bsho to abou in our we ly t shop direc com/ uess. .kr www PK11 LB010 LUW28 "Weinschenk Loupe“ Polariscopes KRÜSS polariscopes are quality instruments to identify single or double refracting stones quickly and accuratly, to distinguish between natural and synthetic amethyst and to separate jade and chalcedony from glass. It also helps to detect strain in diamonds before cutting. PK14 PK14-LED Polariscope with stoneholder and conoscope lense. Illumination: 220 V, 10 W krues /sh op Our range comprises more than 40 different precision loupes. They are equipped with high quality and distortion-free lenses. Magnification from 10X to 28X. LUD 10-18 LUD10-18 PK11 Polariscope for LED10 and similar flashlights. Websh op www. Loupes ∙ Loupe 10X ∙ with darkfield ∙ recommended for flashlight LED10 LUK10-21-LED „KRÜSS Loupe“ A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH Alsterdorfer Str. 276-278 ∙ 22297 Hamburg/Germany Phone +49-(0)40-514317-0 ∙ Fax +49-(0)40-514317-60 E-mail: ∙ State: Jan. 2013 Hand-held spectroscope with variable precision slit and wavelength scale. KA52KRS

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Gem Travel Labs Gem Zoom Microscopes KA52KRS Professional Gem Travel Laboratory Krüss microscopes with precision optics for professional gemology With selfexplanatory control panel for all illumination units (illustration see front page) ∙ Stereo-Zoom-Microscope KSW5000-K-W ∙ Cuvette table with cuvettes ∙ Darkfield ∙ Fiber Optic Light Source with LED illumination ∙ Stone holder ∙ Spectroscope 1504 with holder and scale illumination ∙ Polariscope ∙ Stageless magnification 7-45X, upgradable to 180X ∙ 360° revolving optical head with dioptric adjustment and adjustable eye distance 51-75 mm ∙...

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