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WATERFLUX 3070 - 1

WATERFLUX 3070 Electromagnetic water meter for drinking water applications • Installation without inlet and outlet sections • Integrated flow, pressure and temperature measurement • Communication via Modbus RTU or pulses • Multiple power concept for any loc

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 2

KROHNE – Measure the facts Welcome to KROHNE. As a leader in process measuring technology, we’re at home in a wide variety of industries worldwide. The name KROHNE has stood for innovative and reliable solutions since 1921. The company now offers a whole spectrum of instruments for flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement as well as process analysis. Our portfolio is rounded out by comprehensive services and consulting. With over 90 years of experience in the water industry KROHNE has developed extensive expertise in accurate water measurements and water quality monitoring....

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 3

WATERFLUX 3070 – High precision, 100% KROHNE innovation WATERFLUX 3070 is a ground breaking electromagnetic water meter for applications in the field of drinking water. It is the first all-in-one device that measures flow, pressure and temperature in just one instrument. With its unique sensor design featuring reduced cross section and an efficient coil construction, WATERFLUX significantly optimises flow velocity and flow profile, and produces unprecedented accuracy under virtually all flow conditions. The water meter does not require inlets and outlets, enables extremely low power...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 4

innovative Construction

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 5

innovative Construction Unique rectangular bore construction The strengths of the WATERFLUX 3070 lie in its unique flow sensor design with a reduced cross section and an efficient coil construction. Mean flow velocity and flow profile are optimised within the cross section thanks to the rectangular design of the sensor. The measurement is therefore independent from the flow profile. The coils provide a stronger, more homogeneous magnetic field, leading to an improved signal-to-noise ratio and stable measurements. The benefits of this design are a very good low-flow performance, but also a...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 6

innovative Construction Installation without inlet and outlet sections WATERFLUX 3070 has superior uniform flow profile, also with upstream flow disturbances. The WATERFLUX 3000 sensor can therefore be installed with zero inlet or outlet lengths when the sensor is placed directly behind an elbow or reducer. Zero inlet and zero outlet simplifies the installation footprint. Independent studies by the PhysikalischTechnische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Berlin confirm that the rectangular cross section optimises the flow profile. Tests with different sizes and different types of flow disturbances...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 8

easy Handling WATERFLUX simplifies installation and minimises maintenance Water meters are distributed over a widespread area and are often in difficult-to-reach locations ranging from: • • • • • Remote sites of water wells Long-distance distribution networks Measurement chambers under busy roads Small, narrow or flooded measurement chambers Basements of buildings The WATERFLUX 3070 offers many features and benefits to simplify engineering in various conditions: • Multiple power concept, providing a power solution for any location • Diameter range on batteries from DN25 up to DN600 •...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 9

easy Handling Installation in measurement chambers Water meters are used for monitoring and control purposes in the water distribution networks running from the water production plant down to the customer. The meters are often installed in measurement chambers under ground. The installation of a WATERFLUX 3070 has some major benefits compared to a mechanical meter because it does not need upstream and downstream piping but also no ancillary equipment like strainers, filters or isolation valves with a bypass. All that is required in the measurement chamber is the sensor itself leading to...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 10

xxxxxx XXXXXXX Direct subsurface installation Thanks to its reliability, maintenancefree operation and its robust construction the flow sensor can also be buried underground. Burying the sensor directly under the ground has a number of advantages. It can be a major cost saving because it eliminates the need for a measurement chamber. With no moving parts to wear out or other parts that can break down, there is little to no need for meter maintenance. Verification options on site ensure the integrity of the meter. All sizes can be buried. To protect the flow sensor a special subsoil coating...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 11

ultimate Efficiency Long-term reliability In a world where water is becoming scarce, potable water is a precious resource. Flow measurements of potable water need to be very accurate as they form the basis for efficient water network management and for the billing of water consumption. Every single flowmeter is standard wet calibrated before leaving the factory. As an option verification to custody transfer standards (OIML R49, MI-001) can also be ordered. KROHNE operates a large number of accurate calibration facilities including the world’s most precise volumetric calibration rig for...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 13

ultimate Efficiency Flow, pressure and temperature measurement with just one device Maintaining the water balance, reducing pumping costs, pressure monitoring and district zoning (DMA) are focus areas for water companies in drinking water distribution networks. Pressure and flow data give important input for monitoring and operating networks. Managing pressure levels is required for efficient transport and delivery of potable water. A large pressure drop is an indicator for leakage. Safety of drinking water is a key priority for water companies. Temperature control is required because high...

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WATERFLUX 3070 - 14

intelligent Modularity Multiple power concept for any location The battery-powered WATERFLUX 3070 is ideal for remote locations in the water industry where no mains power is available. KROHNE has developed a special sensor construction requiring very low power for the longest battery lifetime. As standard the IFC 070 signal converter has an internal battery pack with a dual D lithium cell. For an extended battery lifetime an external battery pack, the PowerBlock, with a lithium dual DD cell can be connected to the converter. For locations where mains power is available, but water companies...

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