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SYNENERGY Unifying hydrocarbon management in a single system • Oil & Gas flow metering and calibration supervisory • Analyser management • Pipeline Leak Detection and Localis

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 2

SynEnergy Hydrocarbon Management SynEnergy Hydrocarbon Management SynEnergy consists of a Suite of software modules, tailored to Hydrocarbon Management. These applications range from Analyser Management, Metering Supervisory, and Pipeline Monitoring. By integrating these modules to one Hydrocarbon Management system, functionality is created that has not been available before. Scalability By providing a unified web-enabled operator interface, integration into the plant environment has become easy. Systems can be created which run on a laptop; for instance to do a local manual validation of an...

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 3

Hydrocarbon Management SynEnergy Basic software modules KROHNE Oil & Gas has combined its excellent measurement equipment for oil and gas with in-depth knowledge of analyser equipment and calibration. This is dramatically enhanced with the following basic software: CalSys CalSys is well known as the standard for validation and calibration of metering systems, analysers and instrumentation. CalSys offers fully automatic mode, semi-automatic mode or manual mode. In all cases it optimizes the validation process by minimizing errors in operation, calculations and registration using a...

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 4

SynEnergy Hydrocarbon Management Metering and calibration supervisory KROHNE Oil & Gas is a key player in metering and calibration. KROHNE has almost 90 years of application experience in flow and level measurement, both in the oil and the gas market. KROHNE Oil & Gas also owns and builds complete calibration laboratories. over the years we have built up unrivalled knowledge knowledge of high accuracy primary and secondary calibration. We provide complete software solutions for both sectors: measurement and calibration. Custody Transfer Computing KROHNE Oil & Gas can build upon 25 years of...

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 5

Hydrocarbon Management SynEnergy Performance Monitoring Today, meters and analysers are becoming intelligent. This has made on-line performance monitoring possible. Ultrasonic meters, for instance, can be verified against analysers using the velocity of sound. With this, long-term calibration of the metering system can be guaranteed. Current Metering can also be combined with current Proving, Validation & Calibration using CalSys. By combining the above with Statistical Process Control, events can be predicted and maintenance scheduled, thereby minimizing expensive ad-hoc maintenance. Alarm...

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 6

Analyser Quality Management System. Reduce costs .. .and improve profits. KROHNE Oil & Gas's experience in system integration goes back to 1983. From the very beginning, the goal has been to achieve the highest accuracy - amongst others, by concentrating on validation and calibration. KROHNE consequently created a complete analyser management system that ensures the highest performance. KROHNE's Analyser Management Systems are used in refineries to ensure the maximum performance of all analytical equipment in the plant. SynEnergy Analyser Quality Management covers the 3 key aspects: 1....

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 7

Hydrocarbon Management SynEnergy No false alarms – Pipeline Leak Detection and Localization Pipeline Management KROHNE Oil & Gas has delivered complete management systems for liquids and gas. These systems are found in process plants, metering sites and block valve stations. The proven leak detection system continuously monitors the pipeline and warns when and where a leak occurs. Pipeline Monitoring System This system monitors the pipeline pressures, temperatures and volume/ mass allowing the operator to control valves and take any corrective action necessary. Leak Detection and...

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SYNENERGY Unifying Hydrocarbon Management - 8

From the well head, through massive pipeines, onto tankers and into the terminals and refineries; the flow of oil and gas products needs to be measured accurately and reliably. That is the world of KROHNE Oil & Gas. The scope of KROHNE Oil and Gas starts with custody transfer flow metering for oil, gas and liquefied gas and continues through tank management, loading and offloading and leak detection and localisation systems. KROHNE Oil & Gas is one of the most important Companies in the KROHNE Group. The company’s Headquarters are located in Breda, the Netherlands, close to Europe’s major Oil...

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