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SMARTPAT series Analytical sensors with integrated transmitter technology • Direct installation in explosive areas (zone 0) • Offline configuration and calibration via PACTware™ (FDT/DTM) with the open standard in fieldbus systems – HART® • Fits into 98% of all mounting assemblies • Low cost of

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KROHNE – Measure the facts Welcome to KROHNE. As a leader in process measuring technology, we’re at home in a wide variety of industries worldwide. The name KROHNE has stood for innovative and reliable solutions since 1921. The company now offers a whole spectrum of flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement as well as process analysis. Our portfolio is rounded out by comprehensive services and consulting. Introduced in 2013, SMARTPAT sensors revolutionised the handling of analytical measurements: KROHNE miniaturised the entire transmitter technology and fitted it into the sensor...

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SMARTPAT – New level of process analysis Thanks to the integrated transmitter technology the SMARTPAT significantly reduces the risk of failure from sensor to process control system and eases the handling of analytical sensors in a revolutionary way. The complete circuitry has been miniaturised and fits into the sensor head. This not only reduces the costs of ownership, eases installation and maintenance, it also allows for direct usage in explosive areas (zone 0 ). KROHNE is the only supplier that uses a real open standard – and therefore a direct connection from sensor to the process...

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ultimate Efficiency

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ultimate Efficiency Saves a lot of money, time and effort SMARTPAT cost advantage due to no external transmitter required SMARTPAT cost advantage due to regeneration and offline calibration The elimination of the external transmitter reduces the price considerably in comparison with any other competing measuring system. Offline calibration reduces time and effort significantly. At the same time, it increases productivity and efficiency. A big plus is that the service life of the sensors increases by up to a factor of 3, with an average factor of 2. Display / transmitter Equipment for the...

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easy Handling Makes changeover easy Simple retrofitting Thanks to its standardised connector use, SMARTPAT sensors are compatible with a wide range of the existing mounting assemblies and can be installed in keeping with operational safety. Prefabricated plug heads are available in nickel-plated brass or PEEK depending on the sensor type and with VarioPin VP2. SMARTPAT sensors function as a 2-wire loop powered system. They can be used both in point-to-point operation and for multi-drop installations.

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easy Handling HART® handheld with DD Process control system / Asset management system SMARTPAT with HART® 7 Easy to operate SMARTPAT sensors are HART® 7-certified by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) and can be easily operated with any commercially available HART® handheld device. Sensor configuration is possible using a HART® handheld device or via freely available PACTwareTM FDT/DTM on other conventional asset management and process control systems.

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easy Handling Knows best what should be done and when Stores more, does more SMARTPAT sensors store all relevant data, which can be accessed via the HART® protocol, including important information such as configuration data and maintenance frequency. Thinks far ahead The data output from the SMARTPAT series meets the standards of NAMUR NE 107 and VDI / VDE 2650. SMARTPAT analytical sensors recognise and report the correct time period for maintenance. This prevents calibration from being performed too early. Your benefit: more functionality with less labour and lower sensor abrasion.

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easy Handling Provides a consistent operating concept Effortless user access The standardised protocol of the SMARTPAT series allows the same software to be used. The result: the consistent operating structure in offline calibration and on the handheld device as well as in the asset management and process control systems. In this way, all users always have access to the same measuring values and data, which can be used in a flexible manner and administered regardless of manufacturer. The SMARTPAT software runs without any problems on conventional asset management and process control...

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easy Handling Very easy to calibrate offline SMARTPAT are the only sensors that can be connected directly to a PC with OPTIBRIDGE (USB interface cable) and calibrated in accordance with HART® protocol. Offline calibration can be carried out in a favourable environment instead of at the point of measurement under possibly onerous plant conditions. Effect 1: Extended service life Effect 3: Faster replacement Offline calibration takes place in a controlled environment. The sensors are cleaned and regenerated at the same time. Depending on the application purpose and site, their service life is...

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innovative Construction

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SMARTPAT portfolio pH sensors High performance pH sensor for chemical industry Hygienic pH sensor for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry pH sensor for pure water applications Durable pH sensor for water and wastewater applications Rugged pH sensor with 3/4“ NPT process connection for water applications Sensor type Multi purpose glass Temperature range Pressure range Power supply Temperature sensor Membrane glass IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, FM (zone 0) IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, FM (zone 0)

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ORP sensors Rugged pH sensor with 3/4“ NPT process connection for wastewater applications High performance ORP sensor for harsh applications General purpose ORP sensor for water applications Rugged ORP sensor with 3/4“ NPT process connection for water and wastewater applications Sensor type Membrane glass Multi purpose glass Temperature range Pressure range Power supply Temperature sensor

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SMARTPAT portfolio Conductivity sensors Conductive conductivity sensor for water applications Conductive conductivity sensor for pure water applications Conductive conductivity sensor for harsh applications Sensor type Process connections G3 /4A thread (male) 3 / 4“ NPT (male) G3 /4A thread (male), 3 / 4“ NPT (male) Measuring ranges Electrodes: stainless steel (1.4571 / 316Ti) Process connection: PVDF Isolator: PVDF Electrodes: stainless steel (1.4571 / 316Ti) Process connection: PVDF Isolator: PVDF Electrodes: graphite, PES Process connection: PVDF Temperature range Pressure range Power...

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