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Remote data communication in the process industry - 1

Remote data communication in the process industry Application examples from the Water & Wastewater industry

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 3

Contents Wireless technologies 4 Overview 10 Flowmeter + GPRS module + hydrostatic level 11 Flowmeter with P/T sensor + GPRS module 12 Flowmeter + GSM mobile module 13 Flowmeter + GPRS module (battery) 14 Flowmeter + GPRS module (mains-operated) 15 Flowmeter + Radioline components 17 Sludge level meter + Bluetooth components 18 Sludge level meter + Radioline components 20 Radar level meter + Radioline components 21 Radar level meter + GSM mobile module 22 Radar level meter + WirelessHart 24 Chlorine measuring system + Radioline components 25 Chlorine measuring system + GPRS module

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 4

The key requirement for the use of wireless technologies in industrial applications is that the technology must be as robust and reliable as a cable connection, even under harsh conditions. With wireless communication, the data is transmitted by means of electromagnetic waves through free air space that subject to interference, such as electromagnetic interference, which can adversely affect transmission. In addition, reflections, fading, interference, and shadowing can occur. Despite these influences Bluetooth, Trusted Wireless and WirelessHART are interference-free thanks to their...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 5

Trusted Wireless 2.0TRUSTED WIRELESS™ Secure and robust communication Global RF Technology • 2.4 GHz, 900 MHz, 868 MHz license-free ISM band • Increase distance by adjustable data rates • Optimal adaption to the respective application Flexible network structures • Automatic network formation • Self-organising and self-healing • Point-to-point, star, mesh- and line structures Secure data communication • Proprietary, "not-open" technology • Encryption: 128-Bit AES • Authentication/Integrity check: unique encryption key for each message verifies the validity of the transmitter Robust data...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 6

Phoenix Contact TC Mobile I/O - X300 Communication • Mobile network (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) Features • Communication via ODP protocol • 2 analogue, 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs • Online and historical data Phoenix Contact PSK RTU 50 Remote control and data acquisition in one device • Multifunctional RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit), which combines the functions of a data logger, gateway and alarm manager • Various communication options • Offers independent operation, e.g. using batteries or solar cells • Battery-operated data logging • Serial reading and recording of measuring data •...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 7

Phoenix Contact WirelessHART Gateway Integrated WLAN • Redundant connection as backup for ethernet cable • Mobile access for programming and diagnostic Ethernet port • For easy programming and diagnostics with integrated web server HART maintenance port • Allows to connect a HART programming device Process data access • HART IP, Modbus TCP, FDT/DTM (supports up to 250 field devices) 12-30 V DC -40 to 70°C IECEx/CSA Class I, Zone 2 Phoenix Contact WirelessHART Adapter Removable outdoor antenna • Can optionally be replaced for increased performance by antennas with more gain Mechanical...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 8

@ Bluetooth' Phoenix Contact Wireless MUX Distances • 50...100 m indoors • 200...400 m outdoors Suitable for time-critical signal transmission • Transmission time <10 ms Diagnostics • Radio link diagnostics via LED bargraph High number of channles in compact housing • 16 digital inputs/outputs • 2 analogue inputs/outputs • 0...20 mA, 0...10 V

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 9

Bulk water metering with remote data communication General info Drinking water is essential to life, which is why the supply of it is one of the most critical infrastructure sectors. Secure data transmission and communication with the control room is therefore essential. Water supply networks often cover an extensive geographical area. Data/control cables or the electricity provider’s power supply lines have also not always been installed with the construction of the water pipeline. In addition, operators now expect highly accurate and innovative water meters, which are wear- and...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 10

WATERFLUX 3070 + KGA 42 + OPTIBAR LC 1010 In this solution for flow, pressure and hydrostatic level measurments for an unpowered water well (e.g. vacuum system), all data is recorded and transmitted to the control room. Next to meter readings, trend analysis, total consumption, night time flow rates or customised time periods and consumption profiles can be displayed. Additional information about the status of each metering point, e.g. power status and the need for a battery change is indicated for the water meter and the antenna is also available. Possible errorscritical battery levels and...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 11

WATERFLUX 3070 (pressure/temperature sensor integrated) + KGA 42 The solution offers flow consumption measuring and water loss detection by measuring flow, pressure and temperature in an unpowered water well. The sturdy equipment (IP68) can be installed even in flooded areas. Permanent transmission of all data is done by a battery-operated GPRS module. It has redundant leak detection by analysing flow and pressure. Consumption as well as supply pressure profiles can be monitored and possible errors, critical battery levels and preset thresholds trigger an alarm in the control room via SMS...

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Remote data communication in the process industry - 12

WATERFLUX 3xxx + TC MOBILE I/O The solution offers transmission of flow, conductivity, pressure and temperature via a powered mobile modem. For safe transmission of data an ODP protocol is used (transmission with time stamp). Integration of the protocol in SCADA system is done via OPC DA. Private APN and hardware firewall are used for IT security reasons. WATERFLUX 3xxx + TC Mobile X 300 Technical drawing of the application KROHNE WATERFLUX 3xxx • For combination with IFC 050, IFC 070, IFC 100 and IFC 300 flow converters • Installation without straight inlet and outlet runs • Diameter:...

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