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Process instrumentation and Measurement solutions Overview

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KROHNE trademarks KROHNE Care OPTI BATCH FOUNDATION™ fieldbus 3 Letter from the Corporate Management 5 Development and production sites 6-19 Flowmeters and flow controllers 14-15 Variable area flowmeters 16-17 Differential pressure flow measurement 18-19 Mechanical and electromagnetic flow controllers 20-33 Level transmitters and level switches 22-23 FMCW radar level transmitters 24-25 TDR guided radar level transmitters 26-27 Ultrasonic level transmitters 28-29 Magnetic bypass level transmitters 28-29 Displacer level transmitters 28-29 Potentiometric level transmitters 30-31 Hydrostatic...

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Product Overview - 3

Letter from the Corporate Management Dear Customers, Communication techniques are becoming ever more complex, from the field through to the control level. At the same time the demands for recording physical measured variables such as flow rates, fill levels, temperature, pressure and analysis parameters are constantly growing. The principal requirement in this respect is absolute reliability of the measured values. This means the measuring equipment, even when subjected to disruptive influences such as changing flow profiles or inclusion of gas bubbles, must always deliver reliable values,...

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Product Overview - 4

Global presence Global presence When you are a global enterprise, you want the people you are dealing with to have the same kind of reach. KROHNE has 16 production facilities, owns 44 companies and joint ventures and works with 55 exclusive representatives worldwide. This means you can deal with a contact or a local office wherever you are. Find your local contact at • Production facilities • Sales companies or representatives Working with people like you gives us a wealth of experience or, as we call it, application knowledge. This means we have a good idea where to look if...

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Product Overview - 5

Manufacturing of converters in Duisburg, Germany Development and production sites Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE has a large network of development and production sites who specialise in manufacturing different parts of our product range: •• Bad Oeynhausen, Germany: pressure products •• Breda, the Netherlands: oil & gas metering skids, custody transfer products, leakage detection and localisation systems, flow computers, asset management systems •• Brevik, Norway: cargo handling and ballast monitoring systems for marine applications •• Chengde, China (joint venture): variable...

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Product Overview - 6

Flowmeters and flow controllers Electromagnetic flowmeters · Mass flowmeters · Ultrasonic flowmeters · Variable area flowmeters · Differential pressure · Vortex flowmeters · Flow controll

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Product Overview - 7

Flowmeters and flow controllers Over 90 years’ experience: Move into the lead: Flowmeters and flow controllers KROHNE offers a comprehensive range of world-class flowmeters: •• Every flowmeter is wet-calibrated •• We hold over 1,000 patents relating to flow products •• All flowmeters come with the relevant approvals Our flowmeters are used in just about every type of plant and processes around the world. The expertise we have gained, spanning installation effects, different mediums and meter performance under real process conditions, adds value to every KROHNE meter you purchase. We are...

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Product Overview - 8

The modular product line Converters IFC 050 C Basic applications (Display/Blind) Flow sensors OPTIFLUX 1000 The sandwich (wafer) solution for compact installationy OPTIFLUX 2000 The all-round solution for the water and wastewater industry WATERFLUX 3000 The solution for measuring small and large flows without requiring inlets or outlets OPTIFLUX 4000 The standard solution for the process industry OPTIFLUX 5000 flange Ceramic measuring tube: maximum media and abrasion resistance and accuracy OPTIFLUX 6000 The solution for the food and pharmaceutical industry OPTIFLUX 7300 C flange With...

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Product Overview - 9

Flowmeters and flow controllers Electromagnetic flowmeters The measurement principle of electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) is based on Faraday’s law of induction. EMF can measure the volume flow of any electrically conductive liquid medium, even those with low conductivities. Typical applications include: •• Water industry: revenue metering, district metering, water abstraction, leakage detection •• Wastewater industry: transport networks, sewage treatment plants, sludges •• Food & beverage industry: mixing, dosing and filling of drinks under hygienic conditions, filling systems applications...

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Product Overview - 10

Flowmeters and flow controllers Highlights: •• Entrained Gas Management EGM: no loss of measurement with gas entrainments up to 100% •• Indication or configurable alarm to improve processes by identifying transient gas entrainments •• Not susceptible to installation effects: can be installed regardless of type of installation (no straight inlets/outlets) and external influences such as tube vibrations •• Only straight tube measuring devices for custody transfer applications in the highest OIML accuracy class of 0.3, approved to OIML R117/MID •• Flow rates from 0.0003 to 2,300 t/h •• Minimal...

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Product Overview - 11

The modular product line General purpose Flow sensors Field housing Modbus converter system integration with an excellent price- performance ratio The first choice for bulk flows for custody transfer process industry High-end solution featuring a single straight measuring tube Specially designed for CNG and Specially designed for linear On-site verification tool for calibration LPG in dispensing systems and rotating filling machines verification and documentation

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Product Overview - 12

Ultrasonic flowmeters for gas and steam OPTISONIC 7300 C Universal 2-beam device for inline measurement of process gases OPTISONIC 7300 C Biogas Ultrasonic flowmeter for biogas applications for direct measurement of methane content OPTISONIC 8300 2-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for superheated steam Ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids UFM 3030 C Universal 3-beam device for inline measurement of liquids OPTISONIC 3400 C 3-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids with extended process temperatures and high viscosities OPTISONIC 6300 W Flexible clamp-on devicewith industrial clamp-on mechanism UFM 530...

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