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Process instrumentation, Measurement solutions and Services

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KROHNE trademarks: KROHNE measure the facts CalSys CARGOMASTER EcoMATE EGM KROHNE Care M-PHASE OPTIBAR OPTIBATCH OPTIBRIDGE OPTIFLEX OPTIFLUX OPTIMASS OPTISENS OPTISONIC OPTISOUND OPTISWIRL OPTISWITCH OPTISyS OPTIWAVE PipePatrol WATERFLUX SENSOFIT SMARTBASE SMARTMAC SMARTPAT Trademarks of other owners: Amphenol Bluetooth® EtherNet/IP™ FDT Group FOUNDATION111 fieldbus HART® HASTELLOY® Metaglas® PACTware PROFIBUS® PROFINET® VARIVENT® 5 Development and production sites 6-19 Flowmeters and flow controllers 14-15 Variable area flowmeters 16-17 Differential pressure flow measurement 18-19...

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KROHNE – your global partner KROHNE is your reliable partner for process instrumentation and automation. As our client, you benefit from our ability to solve your applications with matching measurement solutions; we offer a complete product portfolio, industry specific system solutions and complementary services for instrumentation projects of any size. By having specialised in industrial process measurement since 1921, we have gained an enormous amount of application knowledge in various industries that is integrated into our products, solutions and services. We have truly mastered the...

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Global presence Global business, local partners A network of local subsidiaries is the foundation of all global companies. From our experience we know that local subsidiaries prefer to work with local partners. For our clients, we have built a network of development and production sites, sales and service organisations on all continents. For every KROHNE subsidiary, we apply the same global quality standards for all offered Products, Solutions and Services. Find your local contact at • Production facilities • Sales companies or representatives Industries KROHNE has been a...

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Manufacturing of converters in Duisburg, Germany Development and production sites Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE has a large network of development and production sites who specialise in manufacturing different parts of our product range: •• Beverly, MA, USA (completion mid of 2018): electro- magnetic, variable area and mass flowmeters, radar and guided radar level transmitters •• Breda, the Netherlands: oil & gas metering and proving systems, custody transfer products, leakage detection and localisation systems, flow computers, asset management systems •• Brevik, Norway: tank...

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Flowmeters and flow controllers Electromagnetic flowmeters · Mass flowmeters · Ultrasonic flowmeters · Variable area flowmeters · Differential pressure · Vortex flowmeters · Flow controll

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Move into the lead: Flowmeters and flow controllers KROHNE offers a comprehensive range of world-class flowmeters: • Every flowmeter is wet-calibrated • We hold over 1,000 patents relating to flow products • All flowmeters come with the relevant approvals Our flowmeters are used in just about every type of plant and processes around the world. The expertise we have gained, spanning installation effects, different media and meter performance under real process conditions, adds value to every KROHNE meter you purchase. We are more than capable of handling standard applications, as well as...

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The modular product line Converters IFC 050 Basic applications (Display/Blind) Flow sensors OPTIFLUX 1000 Sandwich (wafer) device for compact installation OPTIFLUX 2000 For water and wastewater applications WATERFLUX 3000 For small and large flows without requiring inlets or outlets OPTIFLUX 4000 For standard and advanced process and custody transfer applications OPTIFLUX 5000 Ceramic measuring tube: maximum media and abrasion resistance and accuracy OPTIFLUX 6000 For hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications OPTIFLUX 7300 C flange With non-wetted capacitive electrodes and ceramic liner...

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Flowmeters and flow controllers Electromagnetic flowmeters Highlights: The measurement principle of electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) is based on Faraday’s law of induction. EMF can measure the volume flow of any electrically conductive liquid medium, even those with low conductivities. Typical applications include: •• Water industry: revenue metering, district metering, water abstraction, leakage detection •• Wastewater industry: transport networks, sewage treatment plants, sludges •• Food & beverage industry: mixing, dosing and filling of drinks under hygienic conditions, filling systems...

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Flowmeters and flow controllers Highlights: •• Entrained Gas Management EGM: no loss of measurement with gas entrainments up to 100% •• Indication or configurable alarm to improve processes by identifying transient gas entrainments •• Not susceptible to installation effects: can be installed regardless of type of installation (no straight inlets/outlets) and external influences such as tube vibrations •• Only straight tube measuring devices for custody transfer applications in the highest OIML accuracy class of 0.3, approved to OIML R117/MID •• 4-wire, 3 x 4…20 mA, HART®, Modbus, FF,...

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The modular product line Converters MFC 010 Modbus converter for economical OEM system integration Flow sensors OPTIMASS 1000 For universal applications and process control OPTIMASS 3000 For low flow and dosing applications OPTIMASS 2000 Dual or four straight tube design for bulk flows for custody transfer up to DN400/16" OPTIMASS 6000 The standard high-performance meter for the process industry, up to DN300/12" OPTIGAS 4010 Specially designed for CNG and LPG in dispensing systems OPTIMASS 7000 For advanced applications, with single straight measuring tube OPTIBATCH 4011 Specially designed...

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OPTISONIC 3400 For process applications OPTISONIC 3400 District Heating For district heating applications OPTISONIC 4400 HP For high pressure liquids OPTISONIC 4400 HT For high temperature liquids OPTISONIC 6300 Clamp-on flowmeter OPTISONIC 6300 P Portable clamp-on flowmeter ALTOSONIC 5 For crudes, refined products, cryogenic media and chemicals ALTOSONIC V For liquid hydrocarbons, including Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas For biogas, landfill and sewage gas applications OPTISONIC 8300 For superheated steam and high temperature gases Custody transfer ALTOSONIC III For...

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