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Pressure measurement Product overview

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Product selection Pressure measurement Differential pressure flow measurement Hydrostatic pressure level measurement 26-27 Communikation technology KROHNE trademarks: KROHNE CalSys CARGOMASTER EcoMATE EGM KROHNE Care OPTIBATCH OPTIBRIDGE OPTIFLEX OPTIFLUX OPTIMASS OPTIQUAD OPTISONIC OPTISOUND OPTISWIRL OPTISWITCH OPTISYS OPTIWAVE PipePatrol WATERFLUX SENSOFIT SMARTBASE SMARTMAC Trademarks of other owners: Amphenol FDT Group FOUNDATION™ fieldbus HART HASTELLOY Metaglas PACTware PROFIBUS® VARINLINE

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Pressure Product Overview - 3

Letter from the Corporate Management Dear Customers, Communication techniques are becoming ever more complex, from the field through to the control level. At the same time the demands for recording physical measured variables such as flow rates, fill levels, temperature, pressure and analysis parameters are constantly growing. The principal requirement in this respect is absolute reliability of the measured values. This means the measuring equipment, even when subjected to disruptive influences such as changing flow profiles or inclusion of gas bubbles, must always deliver reliable values,...

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Pressure Product Overview - 4

Always the right pressure. Anytime. Any Process. Pressure is one of the most commonly measured parameters in the process industry. Today, in over 40 % of all flow applications, differential pressure is still the first choice for metering liquids, gas or steam. Almost 25 % of all liquid level measurement applications are hydrostatic pressure measurements – in case of pressurized vessels almost exclusively differential pressure level measurements. With the release of the OPTIBAR series, KROHNE is extending its range of process instrumentation to include pressure measurement. The OPTIBAR...

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Pressure Product Overview - 5

Product selection Product selection list This table will help you in selecting the right product for your application OPTIBAR P 1010 Gauge pressure Absolute pressure Differential pressure Front flush Pressure port FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus Potable water Measuring range Process connection x = suitable, o = suitable under certain conditions, – = not suitable, * in preparation

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Pressure Product Overview - 6

Modular product line for all applications Pressure transmitters OPTIBAR P 1010 Ultra-compact pressure transmitter with recessed metallic diaphragm up to 600 bar / 8700 psi OPTIBAR P 2010 Ultra-compact pressure transmitter with flush metallic diaphragm also for hygienic applications OPTIBAR PC 5060 Process pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm for pressure and level measurement OPTIBAR PM 5060 Process pressure transmitter with metallic diaphragm also for high pressure ranges and hygienic applications OPTIBAR P 3050 Compact pressure transmitter with recessed metallic diaphragm, optional...

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Pressure Product Overview - 7

Diaphragm seals OPTIBAR DS series Diaphragm seals for temperatures up to +450 °C / +842 °F or corrosive mediums OPTIBAR DS direct Differential pressure transmitter with direct mounted single-sided OPTIBAR DS diaphragm seal OPTIBAR DS capillary Differential pressure transmitter with capillary mounted two-sided OPTIBAR DS diaphragm seal OPTIBAR DS direct/capillary Differential pressure transmitter with combined direct/capillary mounted two-sided OPTIBAR DS diaphragm seal Accessories Accessories for safe and easy installation of pressure transmitters in the process •• Manometer and barstock...

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Pressure Product Overview - 8

Pressure measurement Process pressure Industries: Process pressure transmitters are used to measure pressure in pipes or vessels. OPTIBAR PC, PM and DP transmitters feature a modular concept that meets various requirements of modern process applications: •• Intrisically safe and explosion proof •• Optional display and adjustment module •• 4...20 mA HART® 7 / HART® SIL 2/3, FOUNDATION TM fieldbus, PROFIBUS® PA •• Plastic, 316L, 316L hygienic, Aluminum Measuring cells: •• Ceramic (OPTIBAR PC 5060) •• Metallic (OPTIBAR PM 5060) •• DP (OPTIBAR DP 7060) •• Heating, Ventilation and Air...

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Pressure Product Overview - 9

Pressure measurement OPTIBAR PC 5060 – Process pressure transmitter with ceramic diaphragm for all applications Highlights: Extremely high overload resistance 10 bar / 145 psi nominal range can handle 90 bar / 1305 psi pressurespikes without damage or drifts. 99.996 % corrosion resistance 99.996 % Saphire Al2O3 ceramic compound is corrosion resistant to almost any medium. 100 % vacuum resistance Dry cell without fill fluid – therefore temperatureindependent resistance to any vacuum conditions. 100 % hydrogen resistance Ceramic diaphragm is not permeable by atomic hydrogen – special coatings...

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Pressure Product Overview - 10

Modular product line for flow measurement Pressure transmitters OPTIBAR DP 7060 Differential pressure transmitter for all flow applications, already with integrated absolute pressure measurement Primary elements OPTIBAR OP 1000 Standard orifice plates with single bore tapping for cost-effective flow measurement OPTIBAR OP 1200 Robust split ring orifice plates with interchangeable orifice plate OPTIBAR PT 2000 Averaging pitot tubes for energy-efficient flow measurement with lowest pressure loss

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Pressure Product Overview - 11

Calibrated meter runs OPTIBAR MR 1000 Calibrated meter run with orifice plate for nominal sizes DN 15…50 / 3/4…2" OPTIBAR MR 2000 Calibrated meter run with averaging pitot tube for nominal sizes DN 15…50 / 3/4…2" Flow computers OPTIBAR FC 1000 Flow computer for pressure and temperature compensated gas and steam measurement and gross/ net energy calculation Accessories for safe and easy installation of pressure transmitters in the process: •• Manometer and barstock valves, 3-/5-way valve manifolds, also for steam and high temperature applications •• Condensate pots for steam applications ••...

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Pressure Product Overview - 12

Differential pressure flow measurement Differential pressure flow measurement The measuring principle For over 100 years, the process industry has used the Differential Pressure (DP) flow measurement method to determine the volume or mass of liquids, gases and steam in commercial use. With DP, pressure is measured at two points across a restriction in the line – for example, a primary element. Using the Bernoulli equation, the difference in pressure between these two points indicates flow velocity and, because the pipe size is known, a volume flow rate can be calculated. Today, DP is being...

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