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OPTISONIC 8300 - 1

Technical Datasheet Ultrasonic flowmeter for high-temperature gas and superheated steam • Excellent long term stability, no pressure drop • Wide measurement range of 60:1 • High accuracy of 1% of MV, suitable for custody transfer measurement

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 2

5 Application form 6 Notes

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 3

1.1 Ultrasonic gas flowmeter for high-temperature gas and superheated steam The OPTISONIC 8300 offers a robust and accurate gas flow measurement based on ultrasonic transit time technology specially designed for high-temperature gas or superheated steam applications. The flowmeter is in particularly a great solution for superheated steam measurement either whether for accurate process flow control or fiscal custody transfer. In a world with rising energy costs and concerns for the environment, accurate steam measurement is getting more and more important. Steam measurement with an...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 4

Full bore unobstructed and maintenance-free sensor tube Excellent long- term measurement stability, no drift over time Accurate bi-directional flow measurement with a wide dynamic flow range (60:1) Self-Diagnostics to monitor for correct operation and to support periodical verifications Integrated mass flow and enthalpy calculation according to IAPWS-IF97, using pressure and temperature input Chemical and Petrochemical Power plants Refineries Tank terminals High-temperature gas applications Allocation of steam production Custody transfer of steam Steam turbine performance management Custody...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 5

1.2 Options and variants The OPTISONIC 8300 is a single (4” / DN100) or dual path ( 6” / DN150) ultrasonic gas flowmeter designed for the measurement of superheated steam and high-temperature gases. The usage of patented transducer technology ensures durable and reliable measurement. Application range • Diameter range DN100...600 / 4...24", extended range up to DN1000 / 40" • Temperature up to 540°C / 1004 °F, extended temperature up to 620°C / 1148 °F • Pressure standard up to 100 bar / 1450 psi, extended pressure up to 200 bar / 2901 psi Connection options • Flangeless (weld-in) process...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 6

1.3 Features Highly accurate flow measurement Accuracy better than 1% thanks to two parallel path design. Velocity of Sound (VOS) monitoring Diagnostics for verification The OPTISONIC 8300 provides a number of online diagnostic parameters and functions. For example since the process medium is known, the velocity of sound can be calculated with the input of temperature and pressure. The calculated velocity of sound can be monitored against the measured value. In this way not only the flow sensor is continuously diagnosed but also the temperature and the pressure sensor. In addition, the...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 7

Mass flow and energy flow calculation The OPTISONIC 8300 integrates the functionality of a flow computer in a flowmeter. Two optional current inputs for pressure and temperature allow the OPTISONIC 8300 to provide output like corrected volume flow, mass flow and energy flow. In case more flexibility or I/O options are required, the flowmeter can also be combined with the Summit flow computer. ATEX / IECEx ATEX / IEC-Ex certification incl. zone 0. In the case, gas flow must be measured in vent lines where a combination of flammable gases and oxygen may occur, the OPTISONIC 8300 can be used...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 8

1.4 Measuring principle • Like canoes crossing a river, acoustic signals are transmitted and received along a diagonal measuring path. • A sound wave going downstream with the flow travels faster than a sound wave going upstream against the flow. • The difference in-transit time is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity of the medium. Figure 1-1: Measuring principle 1 Sound wave against the flow direction 2 Sound wave with the flow direction 3 Flow direction

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 9

2.1 Technical data • The following data is provided for general applications. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sales office. • Additional information (certificates, special tools, software,...) and complete product documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the website (Downloadcenter). Measuring system Measuring principle Ultrasonic transit time Application range Flow measurement of superheated steam and other high-temperature gases Measured value Primary measured values Transit time Secondary measured values...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 10

Display and user interface Graphic display LC display, backlit white Size: 128 x 64 pixels, corresponds to 59 x 31 mm = 2.32" x 1.22" Display turnable in 90° steps. Ambient temperatures below -25°C / -13°F, may affect the readability of the display. Operator elements 4 optical buttons for operator control of the signal converter without opening the housing. Option: Infrared interface for reading and writing all parameters with IR interface without opening the housing. Remote control PACTwareTM including Device Type Manager (DTM) HART® Hand Held Communicator from Emerson Process AMS® from...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 11

Measuring accuracy Volume flow Reference conditions for calibration Medium: air Temperature: 20°C / 68°F Pressure: 1 bar / 14.5 psi DN100 / 4": < ± 1.5% of actual measured flow rate DN150...600 / 6…24": < ± 1% of actual measured flow rate Mass flow Reference conditions for calibration Medium: Pressurised Natural Gas Temperature: depending on calibration Pressure: depending on calibration Pressurised natural gas calibration (optional) Calculations and correction in GFC 300 signal converter or Summit flow computer DN100 / 4": ± 1.5% of actual measured mass flow ± 1% of actual measured mass...

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OPTISONIC 8300 - 12

Installation conditions Installation Inlet run Outlet run Dimensions and weights For detailed information see chapter "Installation". 20 DN 3 DN For detailed information see chapter "Dimensions and weights". Materials Sensor Flanges Standard: carbon steel ASTM A105 N Optional: high-temperature steel like for example F-11, F-22. Tube and transducer nozzles Standard: carbon steel ASTM A106 Gr. B or equivalent (For flangeless design: according to pipe specification) Optional: high-temperature steel like for example P-11, P-22. Standard: stainless steel 347 (UNS S34700, W. nr.:1.4550) High...

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