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OPTISONIC 3400 - 1

OPTISONIC 3400 Ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids in all industrial applications easurement of conductive and non-conductive, low and high viscous liquids, M from -200 to +250 °C / -328 to +482 °F medium temperature Full bore unobstructed sensor tube, all-welded construction without moving parts Accurate bi-directional measurement that starts at nearly zero flow dvanced signal converter covers all I/Os, HART® 7, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, PROFIBUS® PA, A Modbus communication protocols and features enhanced diagnostics and status indications according to NAMUR NE 107

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 2

Achieve more with KROHNE Welcome to KROHNE. As a leader in process measuring technology, we’re at home in a wide variety of industries worldwide. The name KROHNE has stood for innovative and reliable solutions since 1921. Our range of products now covers a large cross-section of measuring technology and analysis, from measurements at single points to complete system solutions. Our portfolio is rounded out by comprehensive services and consulting. KROHNE is a major supplier of ultrasonic flowmeters, with a proven track record for durability, measuring accuracy and reproducibility. Building...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 3

superior Performance OPTISONIC 3400 – Multi-purpose, all-round The OPTISONIC 3400 is a unique 3-beam inline ultrasonic flowmeter, especially designed for the continuous measurement of homogeneous conductive and non-conductive liquids in closed, completely filled pipeline circuits. It is able to measure actual volume and mass flow, the velocity of sound and diagnostic values of flowing liquids in a broad range of process applications, such as: • general purpose/standard temperature, pressure, viscosity, • cryogenic process temperatures as low as -200 °C / -328 °F, • extended process...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 4

innovative Construction Maximum durability for critical processes The sensor OPTISONIC 3000 features a robust, fully welded construction with patented inert metal transducer technology. The mechanical construction of tubes, process connections and transducers are standardised for all versions, including meters for demanding applications such as high viscosity, extended process temperatures and cryogenic process temperatures. The sensor is backward compatible with earlier models. With the full bore unobstructed sensor tube without moving parts, the flowmeter measures bi-directionally,...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 6

innovative Construction Accurate flow measurement with continuous performance Thanks to the new signal converter UFC 400, the OPTISONIC 3400 features improved accuracy, easier installation handling, dynamic path substitution, Reynolds correction and tube expansion correction. At almost zero flow, accurate flow measurement is still guaranteed. The single signal converter concept with universal software applies to all sizes and versions of the OPTISONIC 3400 and supports all general purpose and more demanding applications with exceptional accuracy.

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 7

superior Performance The signal converter of OPTISONIC 3400 is a truly advanced solution with multiple choices I/Os, and communication protocols, including HART® 7, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, Modbus, and PROFIBUS® PA. All communication protocols include diagnostics compliant with the NAMUR NE 107 guideline. This is an operator-friendly signal converter which quickly and accurately alerts process operators to less than ideal process conditions. Being able to react in a timely fashion, based on good information, ensures that consistent process and product integrity can be maintained. Of course,...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 8

ultimate Efficiency Process liquid measurement the smart way The OPTISONIC 3400 is great for process liquid measurements just about anywhere, as long as the liquid is single-phase and relatively clean. Because of the differential transit time principle, pollution levels in the liquid should not exceed a few percent of gas bubbles and/or solid particles. In return all conductive and non-conductive liquids can be applied without too much consideration of chemical inertness, turndown ratio, accuracy span, maintenance or other risks related to wear or necessary replacements. Unlike traditional...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 9

ultimate Efficiency Bi-directional by nature With known and stable liquid density, in addition to volumetric flow, mass measurement is also possible. Bi-directional flow measurement is a standard feature of the OPTISONIC 3400 which can also be used as a smart safety feature, e.g. triggering an alarm in case of a reverse flow. This makes the OPTISONIC 3400 a truly unique multi-purpose, all-round ultrasonic flowmeter.

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 10

easy Handling Trouble-free installation The installation requirements for the entire range of OPTISONIC 3400 flowmeters were specifically optimised for ease of use and time saving efficiency. Commissioning the flanged flow sensor is easy, without the need for auxiliary parts like grounding rings, earth cables, flow straighteners or supports to bear the weight. What has to be be considered to achieve optimum performance is the minimum required inlet/ outlet sections of 5DN/3DN. Designed for easy handling, the flow sensor is lightweight, with compact dimensions. Mounting the flow sensor in...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 11

easy Handling Superior ease of use Commissioning the new UFC 400 signal converter is consistent with the easy installation approach of the OPTISONIC 3400. The flowmeter is factory programmed according to customer requirements. The electrical connections of the signal converter are straightforward and all I/O connections (basic I/O, Ex-i I/O, modular I/O) are similar to all other KROHNE GDC devices. One new enhancement is the user display which is equipped with both optical and push buttons. For the choice of fieldbuses, the accompanying DTMs, DDs and drivers are available free of charge via...

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OPTISONIC 3400 - 12

intelligent Modularity Comes in all sizes, for all applications The diameter range available is broad, from DN25 / 1 inch for dosing purposes, up to DN3000 / 120 inch for water transportation pipelines. KROHNE also gives you a lot of flexibility in the choice of materials, offering carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel, duplex and more. Flow sensor variants are compact and remote. In addition to flanged flow sensors, flangeless flow sensors for on-site welding onto the pipeline can be provided. Available flow sensor options for demanding applications: • extended...

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