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OPTIMASS 6400 - 1

Coriolis mass flowmeter ► The new standard meter for the process industry with High-End-Options ► Cryogenic & high temperature applications from -200 to +400 °C / -328 to +752 °F ► With Entrained Gas Management (EGMl - the NEW standard for entrained gas immunity ► Highest accuracy for flow and density [pressure independent]

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 2

Welcome to KROHNE. As a world-leading manu- facturer and supplier of process instrumentation and measurement solutions we serve a wide range of industries across the globe. technology. In 1952 we developed the first electroma- gnetic flowmeter for industrial measurement. In 1989 KROHNE introduced the first FMCW radar level meter for process tanks and in 1994 we launched the first viable industrial single straight tube Coriolis mass Our products and services cover the entire range of measurement and analysis processes, from individual measuring points to complete plant solutions. Our...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 3

Leading products Investment pays off: The OPTIMASS range of Coriolis mass flowmeters has been manufactured in the UK at KROHNE's global centre of excellence for Coriolis mass flowmetering since 2002, and is a winner of the innovation category of the highly acclaimed Queen's Award for Enterprise. To keep up with customer demand, KROHNE recently expanded its UK manufacturing facility. Part of the expansion programme included adding further calibration rigs to the UK AS accredited rigs already housed at the Wellingborough based site. This fact allows KROHNE to continue with the product...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 4

Innovative construction for better results KROHNE has over 3 decades of experience in self draining Coriolis meters with bent tube design. Furthermore the OPTIMASS 6400 uses proven, patented flow splitter technology that provides minimum pressure loss. The OPTIMASS 6400 is available in sizes 08 to 250 and in 3 different materials: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy® C-22 and Duplex UNS31803. The OPTIMASS 6400 conforms to the standard installation lengths for NAMUR NE 132 "Coriolis Mass Due to its superior design and latest, most advanced modern components, the OPTIMASS 6400 provides accurate...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 7

Superior performance for simple task completion The new MFC 400 mass flow signal converter is an electronics unit which is perfectly suited to all measuring tasks at the highest level of technology. The MFC 400 offers high performance with air entrainment, delivering continuous measurement even with 0-100 % gas entrainment. It also offers excellent zero stability and advanced density Compatible with the complete range of OPTIMASS process meters, the MFC 400 features push button and optical display in its standard configuration. It is approved according to ATEX, lECEx, GOST and cFMus and has...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 8

Seven measuring functions in one device - And all of them perfectly under control Up to seven measuring functions in a single device? The OPTIMASS 6400 makes it possible: mass flow rate, mass counter, density, temperature, volume flow rate, volume counter and concentration of fluids and gases. This "7 in 1" solution means low investment costs and minimal maintenance costs. And so as not to lose the big picture amongst so many functions, the OPTIMASS 6400 is factory-fitted with an extensive diagnostics package: not only does the software monitor the flowmeter itself but also the process and...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 9

With Entrained Gas Management (EGM) - the NEW standard for entrained gas immunity The OPTIMASS 6400 synthetic drive control ensures continuous measurement even with high entrained gas conditions. The drive system can be optimised to the application to correct for less than ideal operating

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 10

Smooth sailing - Installation, commissioning and operating User friendliness has many aspects when it comes to the OPTIMASS 6400: whether installation, commissio- ning, operation or communication - the newest member of the OPTIMASS family makes things easy for the user in the truest sense of the word. The installation for example. Whether it's horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the OPTIMASS 6400 can be integrated into virtually any system, regardless of the type of installation or external influences such as pipeline vibrations. Since there are no inlet and outlet runs, the compact design...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 12

Intelligent modularity to suit needs When it comes to selecting a flowmeter for your application, the OPTIMASS range covers all bases of all relevant industries around the globe. KROHNE offers superior straight and bent tube design mass flowmeters. From small to large. For 300 g/h to 2300 t/h flows. For custody transfer applications or problematic applications such as highly viscous media, non-homogeneous mixtures, media with solid content or gas All meters have been designed to reduce constraints on the user. So you can just choose the best meter for your application. Twin straight tube...

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 13

Single bent tube design. the process industry with Single straight tube design. High performace meter for slurry, corrosive or viscous fluids. Also ideal Twin bent tube design. OEM meter for rotary and linear batch filling machines. Twin bent tube design.

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 14

Operating conditions

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 15

Technical data 0.1% flat-line accuracy for 20:1 turndown from nominal flow 0.05% flat-line accuracy for 10:1 turndown from nominal flow Below 1/20th of nominal flow rate: 0.1% +/- zero stability Maximum flow rate ATEX, IEC Ex, cFMus, NEPSI, GOST, OIML, MID, PED, CRN

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OPTIMASS 6400 - 16

Product overview • Electromagnetic flowmeters • Variable area flowmeters • Ultrasonic flowmeters • Mass flowmeters • Vortex flowmeters • Flow controllers • Level meters • Temperature meters • Pressure meters • Analysis products • Products and systems for oil & gas industry • Measuring systems for the marine industry

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