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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 1

Technical Datasheet Submersible level probe with ceramic measuring cell • Robust and high overload resistant level probe with 22 mm diameter • Measuring ranges from 100 mbar (1mH20) to 10 bar (100mH20) • Suitable also for wastewater with corrosion resistant TPE cable

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 2

5 Order code 6 Notes

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 3

1.1 Submersible hydrostatic level probe OPTIBAR LC 1010 The OPTIBAR LC 1010 submersible level probe has been developed for continuous level measurement of liquids in the water and wastewater industry. The high overload resistant ceramic-capacitive measuring diaphragm is safe to install and easy to clean during operation. Together with the robust 316L housing and the highly corrosion resistant TPE cable, this level probe can be used in a variety of ways. High overload resistant ceramic measuring cell for uninterrupted measuring operations. 22 mm outer diameter enables easy installation in 1"...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 4

2.1 Technical data • The following data is provided for general applications. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sales office. • Additional information (certificates, special tools, software,...) and complete product documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the website (Downloadcenter). Measuring system Measuring principle Capacitive ceramic measuring cell Application range Level measurement and gauge measurement of liquids Measuring range Fixed specification of 0...1 mH2O to 0...100 mH2O and 0...100 mbar to...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 5

Operating conditions Temperature Nominal temperature Ambient temperature -40…+85°C / -40...+185°F Ex i Zone 0: -25...+65°C / -13...+149°F at pabs = 0.8...1.1 bar Ex i from zone 1: -25...+65°C / -13...+149°F Storage temperature Medium temperature Other conditions Ingress protection category acc. to IEC 529 / EN 60529 Installation conditions Mounting position Any - factory calibration carried out with pressure port down. Detailed information refer to chapter "Dimensions and weight". Materials Housing Stainless steel 1.4404 / AISI 316L Titan (Grade 2) TPE (-40...+80°C) blue with drinking water...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 6

Process connections Mechanical connection variants R 1/2" thread at rear for installation in a thermowell M20 thread at front for assembly of corresponding connecting sleeve Electrical connection Output signal Power supply Safety maximum values (Ex i) Ui = 28 V, Ii = 93 mA, Pi = 660 mW, Ci ≈ 49.2 nF, Li ≈ 0 μH; The supply connections have a maximum internal capacity of 50 nF to the housing. Short circuit protection Reverse polarity protection In the event of reversed connections there is no damage but also no function. Electrical connection Shielded suspension cable with integrated air tube...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 7

2.2 Dimensions and weights Submersible level probe Figure 2-1: Dimensions submersible level probe 1 Submersible level probe with protection cap 2 Submersible level probe without protection cap Weight of submersible level probe: 0.18 kg / 0.4 lbs Weight of suspension cable: 0.10 kg/m / 0.067 lbs/ft Straining clamp e Figure 2-2: Dimensions straining clamp Weight of straining clamp: 0.16 kg / 0.35 lbs

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 8

Figure 2-3: Dimensions Flange 2.3 Measuring ranges Pressure in bar Nominal pressure (gauge/abs.) Nominal pressure (gauge/abs.) [mH20] Nominal pressure (gauge/abs.) Nominal pressure (gauge/abs.) [mH20]

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 9

3.1 General notes on installation Inspect the packaging carefully for damages or signs of rough handling. Report damage to the carrier and to the local office of the manufacturer. Do a check of the packing list to make sure that you have all the elements given in the order. Look at the device nameplate to ensure that the device is delivered according to your order. Check for the correct supply voltage printed on the nameplate. 3.2 Intended use Responsibility for the use of the measuring devices with regard to suitability, intended use and corrosion resistance of the used materials against...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 10

3.3 Installation specifications Install the device only when depressurised and without power! For installation the respective regulations for explosion protection have to be fulfilled. For installations outdoor and in damp areas, the following points must be observed: • To ensure that no moisture can get into the connector, the device should be connected electrically immediately after installation. Otherwise a moisture admission has to be prevented e.g. by using a suitable protection cap. • Install the device so it is protected from direct sunlight. In the worst case scenario, the...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 11

3.4 Mounting • Prior to installing the transmitter, it is essential to verify whether the version of the device on hand completely fulfils the technical and safety requirements of the measuring point. This applies in particular to the measuring range, overpressure resistance, temperature, explosion protection and operating voltage. • The device must not be heated by radiated heat (e.g. exposure to the sun) to an electronics housing surface temperature above the maximum permissible ambient temperature. If it is necessary to prevent damage from heat sources, a heat protection (e.g. sun shade)...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 12

Pressure equalisation capillary Figure 3-1: Example of a typical measuring point 1 2 3 4 Submersible level probe Straining clamp Terminal housing (OPTIBAR LC Connect) Connection to control system On pressure transmitters with gauge pressure, the suspension cable has a thin capillary for atmospheric pressure compensation. This capillary is also protected with a filter element at the end of the suspension cable. Therefore, always lead the capillary into a dry environment or a suitable terminal housing. Mounting the straining clamp Figure 3-2: Straining clamp 1 Suspension cable 2 Suspension...

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OPTIBAR LC 1010 - 13

4.1 Safety instructions All work on the electrical connections may only be carried out with the power disconnected. Take note of the voltage data on the nameplate! Observe the national regulations for electrical installations! For devices used in hazardous areas, additional safety notes apply; please refer to the Ex documentation. Observe without fail the local occupational health and safety regulations. Any work done on the electrical components of the measuring device may only be carried out by properly trained specialists. Look at the device nameplate to ensure that the device is...

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