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Pipeline leak detection and complete measurement solutions from KROHNE Joint demonstration model leak detection for pipelines Measurement solutions • ipePatrol – most sensitive internal leak detection system P based on Extended Real-Time Transient Model (E-RTTM) • ipeProtect – emergency shutdown system for high P consequence areas • ew ALTOSONIC 5 – inline ultrasonic flowmeter with N 7 measuring paths for custody transfer applications • ew OPTIMASS – straight tube Coriolis flowmeter with N entrained gas management (EGMTM) • nhanced pressure and temperature measuring devices E C • onductivity measurement using new SMARTSENS technology • UMMIT 8800 – digital flow computer with graphic display S Leak detection system PipePatrol KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH PHOENIX CONTACT ROSEN Technology and Research Center GmbH headquartered in Duisburg. Develops, produces and sells products in the field of flow, level, temperature, analysis and pressure measuring technology. KROHNE is one of the market leaders in industrial process measuring technology. is the worldwide market leader of components, systems and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. The Phoenix Contact Group has ten companies as well as 50 sales subsidiaries. In addition, the worldwide presence is consolidated by 30 representations in Europe and Overseas. is a worldwide technology group that operates in more than 120 countries with over 2,500 employees. We are a global provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain suiting a wide range of industries. KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH Ludwig-Krohne-Str. 5 47058 Duisburg, Germany Phone: +49 203 301 0 Fax: +49 203 301 10389 info@krohne.com I www.krohne.com PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG Flachsmarktstr. 8 32825 Blomberg, Germany Phone: +49 5235/3-00 Fax: +49 5235/3-34 12 00 info@phoenixcontact.com I www.phoenixcontact.com ROSEN Technology and Research Center GmbH Am Seitenkanal 8 49811 Lingen (Ems), Germany Phone: +49 591 9136 0 Fax: +49 591 9136 121 info@rosen-group.com I www.rosen-group.com Process automation: complete solutions from Phoenix Contact • eliable transmission of relevant process data via communicaR tion networks such as mobile communication and public telephone network, SHDSL, wired systems, and wireless systems • asy integration of measurement and control technology into E the automation solution by means of pre-programmed function blocks • onstant system overview, thanks to consistent visualization C locally and in the control room • omprehensive solutions, from surge protection, power supC plies, wireless products and automation technology through to visualization • olutions for the application in all Ex zones and in all gas and S dust groups, thanks to MACX Analog Ex signal conditioners Automation technology • onsistent redundancy for maximum availability, from failsafe C power supplies through to redundant control systems Pipeline Inspection and Integrity Management Services from ROSEN Basis for the leak detection is among others the transmission of data in parallel to the pipeline over long distances. Therefore several data transmission technologies are available. Next to pipeline inspection, continuous leak monitoring is mandatory to ensure safe operation with oil and gas pipelines. In-line leak detection systems offer precise information on occurring leaks including their localization. Flow, pressure as well as temperature measurement is the fundamental base for these systems. • omprehensive services for detection, sizing and localization C of geometric anomalies, metal loss and cracks in oil, product and gas pipelines Inspection is an important and critical part of this process. In-line inspection tools utilizing non-destructive testing technologies detect, size, identify and locate anomalies in the pipeline wall. This information is crucial in order to assess the true state of a pipeline and determine its fitness-for-service. • roviding optimized inspection solutions for onshore/offshore P pipelines Pipelines, onshore and offshore, are of critical importance in the delivery process of oil and natural gas. Their safety, availability and compliance with regulatory requirements must be ensured. Leak detection for pipelines High resolution crack inspection tool • on-destructive testing technologies including magnetic flux N leakage, ultrasonic and eddy current technology • omplete services include pipeline cleaning, mapping, C material identification and leak detection • omprehensive Pipeline Integrity Management Software C packages for data management, data archiving, regulatory compliance procedures and documentation • ide range of cleaning tools and auxiliary products W

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Our cooperation – your solution This model represents an abstract version of an oil or gas pipeline with a length of up to 100 km, equipped with a leak detection, including all the necessary measuring and automation technology. Depending on customer requirements and the nature of the supply network, various solutions are available which can be operated through the interaction of the individual components by KROHNE, Phoenix Contact and ROSEN. Leak detection and localization Redundant systems Internal leak detection system for oil and gas pipelines with an accuracy of 1 % and zero false...

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