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KRDHNEJH ► achieve more Measurement solutions for unconventional energy resources

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KROHNE: Essential experience in oil and gas processes As a world leader in industrial process instrumentation KROHNE provides an extensive range of solutions and products for analysis, flow, level, temperature, in-line real-time viscosity and pressure measurement for a wide variety of applications and operating environments. With more than 3,000 employees across the world, we provide our services on a global scale. When it comes to process measurement, our level of expertise is unique – not just with standard applications but, in particular, with any challenges that demand customized...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 4

Drilling – A challenge to measuring Drilling process Rotary hose Stand pipe VISCOLINE OPTIMASS 2400 OPTIMASS 6400 Kelly Mud return line Drill pipe Shale shaker The huge amounts of drilling fluids or “muds” used for different functions such as the removal, suspension and release of cuttings, control of formation pressures, maintaining wellbore stability as well as cooling and lubricating the bit and drilling assembly are critical for the efficiency of the drilling process. Choosing the correct drilling fluids (e. g. water-, oil- or syntheticbased muds) and the composition of each fluid poses...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 5

Optimized drilling process – OPTIMASS 2400, OPTIMASS 6400 Both the new OPTIMASS 2400 and OPTIMASS 6400 are the perfect choice for flow measurement of the drilling fluids. These Coriolis mass flowmeters perfectly handle changes in the composition and consistency of the medium. The formation of bubbles is no longer an issue. With Entrained Gas Management (EGMTM), both mass flowmeters ensure reliable measurement results even with high entrained gas contents up to 100 %. The drive system can be optimized depending on the application to compensate for less-than-ideal operating conditions....

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 6

Viscoline – Continuous control of the viscosity Industry standards for the density measurement while drilling are based on off-line measurements, using available tools that are adapted to the rugged environment. They generate viscosity numbers only for the few fixed flowing situations. These sampled measurements at three viscosity points can only provide a rough estimate of the real situation in what is a rapidly changing dynamic environment. What is truly needed is a complete description of the viscosity throughout the full range of the shear rate. The best answer to this requirement is to...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 7

Each Viscoline unit is engineered for its specifically intended application or range of applications. The fluid flows through a continuous pipe containing two low pressure drop static mixers. The sensor device measures the pressure drop at both static mixers by means of two differential pressure measurements: ΔP1 and ΔP2. Precise pipe flow rate measurement results are obtained from the integrated OPTIMASS 7000 straight tube Coriolis meter, which is uniquely insensitive to fluid viscosity effects. From the two pressure drop measurements and the flow rate reading, the fluid flow parameters...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 8

Hydraulic fracturing Well cementing process OPTIMASS 2400 OPTIMASS 6400 OPTIMASS 7300 Cementing – More efficiency through monitoring the volume and density Displacement fluid Each wellbore has different properties, so the cement used to support the casing and isolate porous formations also differs. The various cement classes as well as the composition of a cement with additives influence the medium parameters and call for accurate monitoring. The reliable monitoring of the volume and density makes cementing more efficient. As the operator always knows what and how much of it has been pumped...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 9

Advanced measurement – OPTIMASS 2400, OPTIMASS 6400, OPTIMASS 7300 The OPTIMASS series set the standard when it comes to the measuring of cement. Mass flow rate, mass counter, density, temperature, volume flow rate, volume counter and concentration are measured in a single device. This allows for an accurate monitoring of the volume and density during cementing, making your process more efficient. KROHNE offers superior straight or bent tube design mass flowmeters, so customers can choose the best meter for their application. We offer a uniquely straight tube design for minimal pressure...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 10

Hydraulic fracturing Hydraulic fracturing Hydraulic fracturing – Customized solutions for different requirements A lot of equipment is used to perform hydraulic fracturing. This includes trucks or skids for hydrating the concentrates, adding chemicals, blending the frac fluid and pumping the fluid with high pressure. It is critical that each unit properly works independently and in combination with the other units involved in the process. Each unit used during hydraulic fracturing has different requirements with respect to the instrumentation. The handling of chemicals, on the one hand, and...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 11

Hydraulic fracturing process

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 12

Hydraulic fracturing Instrumentation for every stage of hydraulic fracturing Hydration Chemical mixing OPTIMASS flowmeters OPTIMASS flowmeters For the hydration of the frac concentrate it is essential to accurately detect the volume of concentrate and water. The OPTIMASS series is the perfect choice for this application as it includes concentration measurement and offers an extremely high reliability. Measurements on the chemical mixing unit have to be highly precise and the devices used have to withstand the effects of different chemicals. Our OPTIMASS 6400 and OPTIMASS 7300 Coriolis mass...

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Intelligent technology for optimizing production - 13

Hydraulic fracturing During blending, the measuring devices face the abrasive effect of the slurry. Due to its highly resistant ceramic liner, the OPTIFLUX 5300 is the perfect solution for the highly abrasive media. Given the pressure extremes in this stage of the process, only a nominal flow rate of the frac fluid can be determined by monitoring the speed of the pump motor since direct measurement is not considered possible. ALTOFLUX M60 electromagnetic flowmeter withstands even pressures up to 2,500 bar / 36,000 psi* and vibrations up to 6g. The polyurethane liner makes the device...

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