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Overview I Solutions I Metering I Measurement technology

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3 Achieve more with KROHNE 4-5 Superior solutions for many application 12-17 KROHNE Liquid & Gas metering solutions 38-39 Training Installation Commissioning Service [TICS]

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Energy (Oil & Gas) - 3

Achieve more with KROHNE KROHNE is an international leader in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measuring equipment and systems, offering solutions for all industries worldwide. KROHNE was founded in 1921 in Duisburg and in 2007 had an annual turnover of almost 273 million Euros. It has a staff of over 2500. The company has 14 production facilities and owns 42 companies and joint ventures. KROHNE Oil & Gas is one of the most important members of KROHNE Group and has its head quarter in Breda (NL), very close to the biggest ow meter production and calibration...

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Everything under control Superior solutions for every application Enormous quantities of oil and gas are transported daily across the world. Every day millions of barrels are sold and every day millions of people handle dangerous products and processes. Only one thing is essential: “Everything must be under control!” Accuracy in the measurement and safety in the procedures and processes require mature and foolproof technology with reliable and highly accurate instrumentation and measuring and control systems. KROHNE has experience in: » Consultancy studies » Fiscal regulations and...

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From customer requirements and from the conceptual design… to start up, commissioning and periodical verication, KROHNE is your single source responsability » Exploration & Extraction » Blending & Rening

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Custody transfer Custody transfer means assurance for both parties! That necessitates meters and equipment with: » high accuracy » good repeatability » long term reliability » sealed systems to prevent unauthorised manipulation » no drift in the measurement » proven long term stability New technologies without moving parts are performing far better than any other mechanical ow meter before. Periodical verications are still done because the regulations demand them … even though the meter does not need them. There is no drift at all in the measurement! Features such as bidirectional ow...

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Energy (Oil & Gas) - 8

KROHNE Custody Transfer Flow meters Meter: ±0,15% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,2% of MV Meter: ±0,1% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,2% of MV Meter: ±0,1% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,2% of MV Meter: ±0,04% of MV Meter: ±0,05% of MV Meter: ±0,05% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,12% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,12% of MV OIML R117 class 0,3: ±0,12% of MV Pulse/frequency outputs (90° phased shifted) Function: actual ow Others on request Pulse/frequency outputs (90° phased shifted) Function: actual ow Others on request Pulse/frequency outputs (90° phased shifted) Function: actual ow Others on...

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Energy (Oil & Gas) - 9

Ultrasonic flowmeters The ultrasonic flowmeter ALTOSONIC is based on the difference in transit-time method. Each couple of transducer (channel], built in the opposite side of the measuring tube, send and receive acoustic signals through the flow in two opposite directions. One signal is sent downstream the flow and one is sent upstream, both along the same path. A sound wave travels faster with the flowthan one propagated against the flow. The difference in both transit time is proportional to the medium's flow velocity. Number, shape and location of the channels, are the key points to get...

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Energy (Oil & Gas) - 10

But only the meter ……is not enough! Flow computers Temperature control, pressure monitoring, air presence, lters, installation rules, pumps and valves positioning, verication procedures, calculation data collecting…., all contribute to make a custody transfer measure, a proper one! Let KROHNE specialist do that! “Superior Flow Computer Technology” According the data applications and customer’s needs, specic procedures are implemented to make the ow computer the most appropriate. » » » » » » » » Remote Internet access On line ow calculation PID and Batch Controls Several hundreds batches...

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Energy (Oil & Gas) - 11

Take control of the entire terminal! Inventory Pipeline Barge Loading System Control Computer Operated Terminal Automation System • Tank Farm Management • Trafc Control • Loading Contracts • Access Control • Loading Documents • Reports • Data excange with HOST • Control of Loading and Unloading Pump Station Product Reception Tank Truck Loading PC based loading computer system coordinates all active modules in the tank farm terminal, from receipt (pipeline, railcar, truck, ship and barge), inventory control to product delivery. Connected to all instrumentation, it controls all loading and...

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KROHNE Liquid & Gas metering solutions In-depth knowledge of the Oil& Gas products and procedures, in energy-related products, as well as comprehensive experience in the processes obtained over more than 80 years in measurement, advanced R&D structure and strong cooperation with the authorities, make KROHNE a reliable partner for your important measuring tasks. » » » » » » » » » Small-and-simple up to large-and-comprehensive metering solutions Custody-transfer solutions Turnkey and tailor-made solutions Proving systems solutions Complete revamping Best meter technology Secure operation with...

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METERING HOUSES Analiser systems Sampling systems Density Gas composition FLOW COMPUTERS & CABINETS LIQUID STATIONS TYPE OF PRODUCTS • Crude oil • Condensate • Rened products • Liquid propane / butane, LNG, etc. • Multiproduct TYPE OF METERING STATIONS • Flow metering systems for » Offshore platforms, FPSO’s » Transport / pipeline & terminals » Loading & ofoading » Reneries » Calibration & verication • Fiscal & custody transfer metering and allocation metering CALIBRATION SYSTEMS • Basic and standards laboratories • Temperature, pressure, volume and mass • Humidity laboratories • Gas...

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