EcoMATE Fuel consumption & bunkering monitoring Overview - 7 Pages

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EcoMATE Fuel consumption & bunkering monitoring Overview

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► Gain control of your fuel consumption Product overview I Systems for monitoring of fuel consumption and bunkering

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Payback through reliable and accurate measurements Dependable measurements can give potential for significant savings in fuel consumption. Additional parameters such as measurement errors, leakage, pressure loss and maintenance should also be taken into consideration to achieve increased efficiency. Gain control of your fuel consumption The EcoMATE® system is offering reliability in measurement accuracy, as well as maintenance free operation during a long life onboard. Software provides easy-to-understand monitoring and automated reporting functions. KROHNE Skarpenord - the marine center of...

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What can the EcoMATE® system do for you? EcoMATE® software An EcoMATE® system can be set up for monitoring of fuel consumption and/or bunkering onboard ships. Based on our robust and accurate flowmeters we can offer: • Fuel consumption monitoring Monitoring and reporting of fuel consumption measured in the supply (and return) line to main engine and other consumers onboard The EcoMATE® software provides easy to understand monitoring and reporting of consumption of fuel and bunker received. All relevant data is logged and stored in the system database. At any time, the operator may view...

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Smooth sailing with EcoMATE® onboard Fuel consumption monitoring at a glance • Monitoring of momentary fuel consumption • Monitoring of momentary fuel consumption pr. distance, longitudinal water speed • Momentary CO2 and SOx emissions • Accumulated total fuel consumption and emissions for currant voyage Shift-over detection: The OPTIMASS flowmeters will automatically measure and report a change in liquid density and temperature. This may be used for documenting a shiftover from HFO (sulphuric) to MDO/MGO. EcoMATE® - Fuel consumption monitoring Accurate measurements and monitoring of your...

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Quantity and quality is always under control Bunkering verification at a glance • Verification of total amount (mass) and density of bunker received through the bunker line • Trend for mass flow, density and temperature • Density deviation alarm Warning messages: The system can generate warnings and alarms when a certain proportion of gas bubbles is exceeded. EcoMATE® - Bunkering verification OPTIMASS 2000 - The first choice for verifying bunkering operations • Direct measurement of fuel mass flow, density and temperature Fuel oil costs represent the biggest share of a vessel’s total...

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OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters Coriolis measuring principle Highlights OPTIMASS flowmeters • One flowmeter allows multiple measured values: mass flow - density - temperature • The mass of a product does not change with pressure, temperature or viscosity • The measurement is not affected by flow profile - no requirement for straight inlet/outlet sections • High accuracy • Fully welded maintenance free measuring tubes in stainless steel Coriolis mass flowmeters have significant advantages over other flow measurement methods as they directly measures mass flow, liquid density and process...

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KROHNE Skarpenord’s marine world wide network of support Sales Agents Service Stations For more information and offers/quotes, do not hesitate to contact us Head office KROHNE Skarpenord Stromtangveien 21 NO-3950 Brevik, NORWAY Tel: +47 35 56 12 20 Fax: +47 35 56 12 21 Service Stations and Sales Agents The current list of all KROHNE Skarpenord Service Stations and Sales Agents can be found at:

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