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Intelligent solutions for tank monitoring CARGOMASTER® Product overview | Tank monitoring systems

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Company facts • The Marine Centre within the KROHNE Group, taking care of all business related to ship systems and solutions • Delivering systems for ships since 1957 • Based in Brevik - Norway • More than 750 cargo tank level systems delivered • Active development of measurement technology and solutions • Certified ISO 9001-2000 • Developed the world’s first computerized level gauging system (1979) • Acquired by KROHNE in 2004, after successful cooperation since 1992 KROHNE Skarpenord A leading provider of advanced tailor made tank monitoring systems Through more than 50 years in marine...

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CARGOMASTER® The complete solution for tank monitoring and alarm The CARGOMASTER® system is a complete solution for tank monitoring and alarm. The system can combine readings from all tanks onboard into modern and easyto-use software. Combined with our high precision cargo level radar OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine, CARGOMASTER® offers unique benefits for tanker operators. In addition to tank monitoring, the system may include monitoring of pumps and cargo lines and integration to other systems onboard. Delivered to more than 750 ship installations world wide: • Tankers - Chem. tankers (IMO I, II,...

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CARGOMASTER® 5 Cargo temperature sensors installation 1 CARGOMASTER® Computer Unit (CCU) • Measures average cargo temperature and cargo temperature from individual sensors • Installed in separate pipe or integrated in deepwell pump (2 or 3 sensors pr. cargo tank) • Workstation with CARGOMASTER® monitoring and alarm software • For full redundancy on monitoring, the system may be set up in multiple configurations 6 Cargo manifold and vapour return line pressure sensor installation 2 CARGOMASTER® Signal Control Unit (SCU) • Main cabinet with electronics for handling all sensor signals and...

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9 Submerged pressure sensor installation • Measurement of level in ballast tanks • Sensor clamped to fastening bracket close to tank bottom 12 Independent high level system • For overfill (98%) and high level (95%) alarm • Magnetic float or solid state based 10 Sidemounted pressure sensor installation • Measurement of level in ballast, fuel, freshwater and similar tanks • Sensor mounted outside the tank, optionally with isolated valve 13 Air purge ballast system • Alternative system for measurement of ballast, fuel and draught levels 11 Draught pressure sensor installation

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CARGOMASTER® Typical system layout A CARGOMASTER® system is normally built up of these main parts: CARGOMASTER® Signal Control Unit The Signal Control Unit (SCU) is handling all sensor signals and communication to other systems and the CARGOMASTER® Computer Unit. The cabinet is normally placed in Cargo Control Room (CCR) or adjacent room for easy cabling and access. The SCU contains terminal blocks for deck cabling, interface modules and zener barriers for intrinsic safety. CARGOMASTER® Computer Unit The CARGOMASTER® Computer Unit (CCU) is a marine type approved (IACS approved) Microsoft...

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CARGOMASTER® Tank monitoring Overview - 8

Intelligent solutions for tank monitoring CARGOMASTER® Monitoring and alarm software The CARGOMASTER® system provides measurement of all relevant tank data: • Ullage/level • Volume (based on volume tables) • Loading/discharging rate • Weight and cargo density • Inert gas pressure • Tank temperature • Cargo manifold pressure Alarms may be configured for all values, securing the highest degree of safety in operations. Flexible and easy-to-use software With selectable screen setup, the operator may choose to show only the tanks of interest (manually or automatically), leaving unwanted...

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CARGOMASTER® Tank monitoring Overview - 9

Maintenance friendly Based on MS Windows, which is well known to people onboard, potential service and maintenance can normally be performed by crew. With experts on line, a problem may be corrected quickly and easily, saving time and money. The CARGOMASTER® software has been approved and is certified for onboard use by all major classification societies. Tank plan view Redundancy The CARGOMASTER® system can be set up in multiple configurations for full redundancy and distribution of information. Doubling of computers in CCR will also give a better overview of operations. Integration The...

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CARGOMASTER® Tank monitoring Overview - 10

OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine Cargo Level Radar (FMCW) The OPTIWAVE Cargo Level Radar is a highly accurate and reliable instrument for measuring the ullage/level. With its heavy duty stainless steel housing, it is designed to withstand the roughest conditions on deck. Well protected by a stainless steel cover, it carries a backup display for redundant indication. Loading may continue with a man on deck, if level information is lost on the main monitoring station. Stainless steel protection cover Local calculation of level data Touch-screen with 4-button operation Stainless steel housing Top unit...

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CARGOMASTER® Tank monitoring Overview - 11

Joint development Bring easiness to your daily work Together with KROHNE’s radar research and development expert centres in Germany and France, The OPTIWAVE is developed to be one of the most modern and cost saving radar gauges in the market. Including unbeaten operational benefits, time and money may be saved on daily routines and unwanted situations. OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine, is unique when it comes to redundant indication, closed tank cleaning and closed tank service. With these three operational benefits, the OPTIWAVE will save operational costs in various critical situations as well as...

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Highlights OPTIFLEX OPTIFLEX 4300 C Marine Guided Level Radar (TDR) • Measures level and oil/water interface • Measures low reflecting cargoes • Not affected by clogging • Ideal for narrow tanks, needs only 60 cm radius free space • Types of applications: - Slop tank levels - Ballast tanks - Curved tanks - LPG The OPTIFLEX 4300 C Marine offers accurate and reliable level gauging in various applications not fully covered by standard cargo level radars. Based on Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measuring principle, the instrument signal is guided by a stainless steel wire, reducing the...

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