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Products and Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Capabilities Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas Understanding All Aspects of Oil and Gas KROHNE Commitment 8 - 17 Products Custody Transfer Flow Meters Provers & Master Meters 18-23 SynEnergy Managing Hydrocarbon Assets Analyzer Quality Management, Supervisory, Flow Computing Leak Detection and Localisation Tank Inventory & Management System 24-35 Systems Gas Metering Systems Liquid Flow Metering Systems Calibration Rigs and Facilities Wet Gas, Allocation and Reservoir Metering Quality, Analyzer and Sampling Systems Off-loading and FPSOs 36-39 Service Testing, Installation, Commissioning,...

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Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas KROHNE Oil & Gas is part of the international KROHNE Group. Founded in Germany in the 1920’s KROHNE has many years of experience in process measurement. KROHNE is an independent and privately owned company with world-wide presence, and manufacturing facilities in all regions. In our role as one of the world’s leading companies, we are committed to the development and production of innovative measurement products and solutions for any industry. KROHNE Oil & Gas offers 4 solid foundations: » » » » Experience Full responsibility from design to completion...

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We improve your bottom line Understanding All Aspects of Oil and Gas We have built up a reputation for high quality and innovative concepts, using breakthrough technology. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to obtain the best possible technical configuration for every application with the most favourable performance and costs. By focusing wherever possible on systems with minimal maintenance and low running costs, the designs for our products and systems are known to have best balance between capex and opex. We'll support you with know-how, service and training, to ensure that your...

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KROHNE Commitment KROHNE will add value to your business through on-time delivery, excellent quality together with highest accuracy, reliability, and availability. We provide the widest range of solutions with professional engineering, global project management and after-sales support to all segments of the oil and gas industry. Design & Engineering Design & Engineering Service Project Management Total commitment from concept to completion Site Acceptance Test Start-Up and Commissioning FAT / Integrated Testing Our motto is simple: We don’t have projects - We have clients. Our commitment to...

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Custody-Transfer Products

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Custody Transfer Products Standard in Custody Transfer Standard in Calibration Custody transfer means assurance for both parties. Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, biofuels, and nuclear place the maximum demands on the meters and equipment: » The highest degree of accuracy and reproducibility, independent of media properties, such as viscosity, temperature, density and electrical conductivity » Excellent long-term stability, no re-calibration » Sealed systems to prevent unauthorised manipulation » Proven long-term stability with no drift in measurement » No moving parts or...

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Brochure Oil & Gas Industry - 10

The meter makes the difference Custody Transfer Flow Meters The primary device in any flow metering system is the flow meter itself. At KROHNE we have a reputation for excellent build and quality: it's the result of decades of experience in development and manufacturing of flow meters. In addition to mechanical excellence, the electronics and software are of equal importance. The key to achieving and maintaining superior performance is our ability to interpret the signals and measurement data from a meter, while relating them to signals from the other instruments such as densitometers, gas...

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Custody Transfer Flow Meters Innovations in Technology for Better Measurement KROHNE is the industry's prime innovator. Numerous technologies are the result of years of painstaking work in our worldwide research and development division. In the Oil & Gas industry the acceptance of many flow measurement technologies is primarily due to the advances that stemmed from KROHNE. Ultrasonic Flow Meters The KROHNE ultrasonic flow meters are based on the difference in transittime method. Each couple of transducers (channel), built in the opposite side of the measuring tube, send and receive acoustic...

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Custody Transfer Flow Meters KROHNE pioneers the most advanced technology available today. Performance monitoring and accuracy are leading features in our custody-transfer meters Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters: ALTOSONIC V12 / V6 The first of the next generation of ultrasonic custody-transfer flow meters: their unique measurement chord arrangement combined with a dedicated diagnostic chord, achieves a quantum leap in accuracy, independent of installation effects such as bends and swirl. Real-time performance monitoring now makes predictive maintenance a reality. V12 is the first ultrasonic gas...

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Custody Transfer Flow Meters Auxiliary Metering Products for the Oil & Gas industry Gas and Wet Gas Venturi Tube: VPE 7600 As part of our meter portfolio, we manufacture a range of venturi flow meters to fulfil our customers needs for this special technology for metering applications such as wet gas. Electromagnetic Flow Meters These high-pressure meters find use in well-water injection, produce water, as well as flow metering applications in refineries. They are available in various sizes, materials and liners to cover all needs. Radar Level Meters These devices have an accuracy of up to...

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» KROHNE Flow measurement Provers and Master Meters ... because confidence is capital KROHNE Oil & Gas designs and manufactures meter provers, and master meter systems. The range of solutions that we supply to the industry is based on more than 30 years of experiences and includes: » » » » » » » » » Unidirectional meter provers Bidirectional meter provers Small volume meter provers Mobile meter provers Mobile MasterMeter Volumetric tank metering systems Piston provers Master meters Calibration rigs and facilities Our designs and systems are in accordance with international standard such as...

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