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Highly concentrated know-how for your process Intelligent measuring technology for the chemical industry

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value precision The Chemical Processing Industry (CPI) forms the foundation of the manufacturing industry and is affiliated with the most important economic sectors across the globe. The CPI also plays a central role when it comes to the sustainable development of our society. Without chemistry, we would not be able to meet many of today's important challenges. Climate change, environmental protection, power generation and health care are just a few examples. But the CPI is also facing other challenges: structural change, globalization and tapping into new markets, not to mention the demand...

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Motivating achievements The KROHNE Group with headquarters in Ludwig KROHNE starts manufacturing variable area Duisburg, Germany, employs more then 2700 flowmeters in Duisburg to measure the flow of air, people. Customer proximity is guaranteed gases and liquids. with 15 production plants in 10 countries, The first electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for industrial measurement is created. The manufacture of mechanical level indicators for measuring liquids in tanks and containers commences. An EMF for hazardous areas allows for use in the chemical industry. Switched dc field with automatic...

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Compact EMF for hazardous areas. Converter can be replaced without removing the EMF. First EMF with measuring tube made of oxide ceramics and sintered platinum electrodes for outstanding chemical resistance. First EMF with capacitive pickup and no contact between the measuring electrodes and the medium, for measuring difficult chemicals. First radar level meter (FMCW) for process tanks. First straight tube Coriolis meter for determining the mass flow rate and density of polymers, methanol, etc. Construction of world's most precise volumetric calibration rig for sensors up to DN 3000 with a...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 6

simply efficient The performance of chemical processes depends not only on the size of the plant but also on factors such as quality, availability, safety and capacity. Other important aspects include minimal energy consumption and material use, the reduction of waste and accompanying substances and the lowering of the cost of ownership. Quick and simple start up and shut down as well as partial load operation are also in demand. And this is often required under extreme environmental conditions, the likes of which are rarely seen in other Ideally, this is achieved using superior and precise...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 7

Challenge industrial parks grand scale Chemical parks are a milestone in the success story of the chemical industry in Germany. This concept, unique in the world, provides companies with optimal economic conditions, comprehensive services and custom solutions for any business model. Both large and small companies benefit from close networking, common use of infrastructure and resources, and the resulting savings potential. It is no wonder that chemical parks have since become a global export hit. Pipelines for the transport of gases, oils and other liquids connect both plants within the...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 8

Improved production Chemical processes are continually pushed to their limits. This requires high quality process control and accurate risk assessment. To this end, experts are designing comprehensive protection concepts, which typically involve several levels. For example, a so-called Layer Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is often performed. This analysis has proven to be advantageous for analyzing danger to humans and the environment and is also used to estimate potential production downtime costs. Regardless of which method is used and which Safety Integrity Level (SIL) you are aiming to...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 9

Challenge staff your business Chemical facilities and processes are becoming increasingly complex and extensive. Accordingly, high demands are placed on the personnel when engineering the systems. That's why for us, customer service does not start at the time of the first maintenance or repair call but right from the initial contact - and it runs for the entire life cycle of your plant. It starts with support when choosing and defining measuring principles and devices and continues right on through worldwide start-up and beyond. Portable measurements, on-site calibration, pre-inspection...

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Inorganic primary chemicals

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Copyright Uhde 12 Heading

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norganic primary chemicals KROHNE makes modern processes easy The important base chemicals chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide are produced from sodium chloride with the chloralkali electrolysis process. Common salt, primarily made up of sodium chloride, is dissolved in water and electrolyzed. The most modern industrial process for the manufacture of chlorine and sodium hydroxide - even more so than the amalgam and diaphragm process. It delivers significant savings in terms of energy consumption and requires neither mercury nor asbestos. The end products, chlorine, hydrogen and sodium...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 14

Electromagnetic flowmeter • Virtual reference • Conductivity from 20 uS/cm (water] from 1 uS/cm (other liquids] • Chemically resistant to alkaline Clever solution: virtual reference The conventional grounding of electromagnetic flowmeters can be very costly during the chloralkali electrolysis via the membrane process. When using aggressive media in the application, the grounding rings for conventional procedures must usually be manufactured from expensive special material such as nickel, tantalum or titanium. This is very costly when it comes to large nominal sizes. KROHNE developed the...

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Brochure for the Chemical Industry - 15

norganic primary chemicals 15 The principle is simple and proven: The position of the float is transferred magnetically to an analog indicator which indicates the measured value. No power is required. The robust all-metal version ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and product and can withstand extreme usage and ambient conditions. This is the reason for using the H250 variable area flowmeters to measure difficult gases. The H250 series is universally used for conducting and non-conducting liquids and gases and has established itself as the standard in the chemical industry....

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