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Now with KROHNE Care 12 chord ultrasonic gas flowmeter for custody transfer Setting a new standard with its OIML R137 class 0.5 approval Minimal straight inlet requirements due to excellent swirl immunity The first meter with a dedicated ultrasonic path for diagnostics Web-based diagnostics expert system to interrogate the meter’s health

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Uncertainty from calibration Uncertainty due to installation effects Total uncertainty after installation More than just the tip of the iceberg Like an iceberg, the main dangers to good metering lie below the surface. Calibrations are done under ideal conditions which are different from the actual conditions in the field. After installation in the field the measurement accuracy will be affected by installation effects and contamination inside the meter; both aspects that are not seen during a calibration. ALTOSONIC V12 is designed to be virtually immune to installation effects. KROHNE...

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The only relevant accuracy is accuracy in the field The benefits of OIML R137 Class 0.5 Comparison of overall meter uncertainty Calibration Installation During a high-pressure calibration ultrasonic gas flowmeters will typically achieve ±0.2% accuracy, or even ±0.1% after linearization of the measurement result. This does however not mean that your accuracy in the field will stay at ±0.1%. Lowest overall uncertainty Additional uncertainty due to installation effect Once a flowmeter is installed in the field, installation effects will cause an additional measurement uncertainty. The maximum...

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V12 designed for lowest uncertainty and easiest installation Traditional flowmeters are typically approved to AGA 9, ISO 17089 or OIML R137 class 1*. ALTOSONIC V12, however, is the first flowmeter that has been approved to class 0.5. The main difference with class 0.5 meters is their improved immunity to installation effects such as swirls and distorted flow profiles. With OIML Certificates being issued by independent notified body such as NMi, the OIML class is a truly internationally accepted approval to prove immunity to installation effects. As stated, typically ultrasonic flowmeters...

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Superior Accuracy ALTOSONIC V12 – The Power of Refelection 12 chords with a single V-reflection ALTOSONIC V12 measures the flow in the meter using 10 horizontal ultrasonic measuring chords. In addition the meter has 2 vertical chords to detect bottom fouling. The chords are arranged in pairs joined by a single V-reflection, creating a reflecting path. The single V-reflection makes the ALTOSONIC V12 extremely unaffected by swirl. The reflection paths also permit the detection of pipe wall contamination, while AGC ensures that the flow measurement continues without interuption. The...

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AGA 9 Upstream piping requirements An often heard misunderstanding is that AGA 9 prescribes meters have to be installed with 20D upstream piping with a flow conditioner. This is not the case; AGA 9 (paragraph 7.2.2) states ‘The manufacturer shall recommend installation criteria that will not create an additional flow rate measurement error of more than ± 0.3 %”. If this option is not available, one conservative design is to use 20D upstream piping with a flow conditioner. Where more traditional flow meters might need 20D straight upstream piping with a flow conditioner to remain within the...

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Innovative Construction Without flow conditioner With flow conditioner KROHNE flow conditioner min. 2D straight inlet needed before the flow conditioner min. 3D Depending on your measurement uncertainty budget, ALTOSONIC V12 can even be installed with just 5D straight inlet piping without flow conditioner. Please consult KROHNE for further details. Transducer extraction – Hot swapping with zero downtime With the optional transducer extraction tool, transducers can be replaced even when the pipeline is under pressure. The extraction tool can be used for all standard meters ≥6” and ≤900# up...

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Innovative Construction New flowmeters provide excellent accuracies during their initial calibration. This is logical as the installation conditions during a calibration are ideal and the inside of a new meter is free from any contamination. Installed in the field, the contamination inside the meter body will affect the meter’s accuracy. The reflection technology sees even small amounts of contamination on the pipe wall that remain completely hidden in a direct path design. KROHNE now taps into the unused parameters intrinsic to an ultrasonic flowmeters. The bouncing path design offers even...

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KROHNE Care Diagnostics 24/7 monitoring for 365 reliability KROHNE Care is a diagnostics expert system that runs on fully dedicated hardware inside the ALTOSONIC V12 electronics unit. It evaluates over 1200 values to assess the flowmeter’s health 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without the need for an external PC being permanently connected to the meter. ALTOSONIC V12 will simply raise a warning or alarm if any issue is detected. A PC is only required for visualization of the KROHNE Care screens. Since KROHNE Care is represented as a web page that can be accessed from anywhere in the...

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The model makes the difference between Most ultrasonic flowmeters offer a Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) package for diagnostics. Usually this is software that is installed on a PC and gives an overview of all the parameters nside the meter when the PC is connected to the flowmeter. CBM systems are an easy method for basic diagnostics; but, these packages do have [imitations. E.g. diagnostics are only done when the meter is connected to a PC. More importantly an expert is required to interpret the readings and to draw conclusions on the cause of a warning or KROHNE Care overcomes these...

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Condition-based monitoring With KROHNE Care Velocity of sound comparison per path Signal acceptance check per path AGC (Automatic Gain Control) check per path SNR (signal to noise ratio) per path In plane swirl compensation by reflection Dedicated path for bottom-fouling detection Visualization of flow profile Remote access, web-based user interface Simple traffic-light structure to indicate meter’s health Easy to print report with overall health indication Indication of cause of alarm Storage for 10 years of daily data including gas chromatograph Automatic trending and tuning of...

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