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AFC 030 Converter

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Technical Datasheet Electromagnetic flow converter • Designed and tested for industrial nuclear applications • Free of programmable electronic components • LED bar flow indication The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the .

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PRODUCT FEATURESD 1.1 Solution for nuclear environments The AFC 030 electromagnetic flow converter is designed to measure flow velocity of electrically conductive liquids in radiation areas, for both safety as non-safety applications. The AFC 030 can be combined with two types of measuring sensors: POWERFLUX 4000 and POWERFLUX 5000. For maximum reliability and durability the AFC 030 does not contain any programmable electronic components (PEC). It features an adjustable flow range. The flow is indicated as a percentage of the maximum flow with the LED bar or with a 4 - 20 mA output. Figure...

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nPRODUCT FEATURES Highlights • Free of programmable electronic components • Flow indication as percentage of maximum flow - LED bar on the front - 4 - 20 mA output • Adjustable flow range Industries • Nuclear Applications • Cooling water • Transport water • Borated water • Spent resin

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PRODUCT FEATURESD 1.2 Options and variants The AFC 030 is available in wall mount version only. It can be combined with two types of flow sensors: POWERFLUX 4000 and POWERFLUX 5000. 1.2.1 Signal converter/flow sensor combination possibilities Flow sensor

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1.3 Measuring principle An electrically conductive fluid flows inside an electrically insulated pipe through a magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils. Inside of the fluid, a voltage U is generated: U=v*k*B*D in which: v = mean flow velocity k = factor correcting for geometry B = magnetic field strength D = inner diameter of flowmeter The signal voltage U is picked off by electrodes and is proportional to the mean flow velocity v and thus the flow rate Q. A signal converter is used to amplify the signal voltage, filter it and...

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TECHNICAL DATA 2 2.1 Technical data • The following data is provided for general applications. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sates office. • Additional information [certificates, special tools, software,...) and complete product documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the website (Downtoadcenter). Measuring system

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2 TECHNICAL DATA Operating conditions

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TECHNICAL DATA 2Electrical connection General AH outputs are electrically isolated from each other and from all other circuits.

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2 TECHNICAL DATA2.2 Dimensions and weightsWall version housing weight approximately ; 2.4 kg / 5.3 lb

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TECHNICAL DATA 22.3 Flow tablesFlow rate in m/s and m3/h

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2 TECHNICAL DATAFlow rate in ft/s and US gallons/min

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2.4 Measurement accuracy Every electromagnetic flowmeter is calibrated by direct volume comparison. The wet calibration validates the performance of the flowmeter under reference conditions against accuracy limits. The accuracy limits of electromagnetic flowmeters are typically the result of the combined effect of linearity, zero point stability and calibration uncertainty. Reference conditions Medium: water Temperature: +5...+35°C / +41...+95°F Operating pressure: 0.1...5 barg / 1.5...72.5 psig Inlet section: ≥ 5 DN Outlet section: ≥ 2 DN Figure 2-1: X [m/s] : flow velocity Y [%]:...

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3.1 Intended use Responsibility for the use of the measuring devices with regard to suitability, intended use and corrosion resistance of the used materials against the measured fluid lies solely with the operator. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage resulting from improper use or use for other than the intended purpose. The electromagnetic flowmeter is designed exclusively to measure the flow of electrically conductive, liquid media. 3.2 Installation specifications The following precautions must be taken to ensure reliable installation. • Make sure that there is adequate space to...

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3.3 Mounting the wall-housing, remote version Assembly materials and tools are not part of the delivery. Use the assembly materials and tools in compliance with the applicable occupational health and safety directives. Figure 3-1: Pipe mounting of the wall-mounted housing 1 Fasten the mounting plate to the pipe with standard U-bolts, washers and fastening nuts. 2 Screw the signal converter to the mounting plate with the nuts and washers. Figure 3-2: Wall mounting of the wall-mounted housing 1 Prepare the holes with the aid of the mounting plate. For further information refer to Mounting...

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Mounting multiple devices next to each other 3.3.3 Mounting plate of wall-mounted housing

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Cover for terminal compartments Terminal compartment for measuring sensor Terminal compartment for outputs Terminal compartment for power supply with safety cover (shock-hazard protection) Cable entry for electrode cable Cable entry for field current cable Cable entry for output Cable entry with blanking plug Cable entry for power supply 1 Turn lock to the right and open the cover. 2 Open safety cover (lid) to enter terminal connections of measuring sensor 3 Open safety cover (lid) to enter terminal connections of mains power supply Be aware that the cable, type L45551 has a minimal bending...

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4.1 Safety instructions All work on the electrical connections may only be carried out with the power disconnected. Take note of the voltage data on the nameplate! Observe the national regulations for electrical installations! Observe without fail the local occupational health and safety regulations. Any work done on the electrical components of the measuring device may only be carried out by properly trained specialists. Look at the device nameplate to ensure that the device is delivered according to your order. Check for the correct supply voltage printed on the nameplate. 4.2 Important...

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