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Measuring technology from KROHNE • OPTIFLUX 2300 C, electromagnetic flowmeter (DN2.5-3000 / 1/10"-120"), suitable for subsurface installation and continuous submersion (IP68) • OPTIBAR 1010 C, pressure transmitter with recessed diaphragm for high overload and temperature stability, to obtain reliable pressure measurements for leak detection in networks • OPTIFLEX 1100 C, cost-effective 2-wire level meter (guided radar) for storage applications or standard process applications • OPTIWAVE 5200 C, 2-wire level meter (FMCW radar) for liquid applications • OPTISYS CL 1100, measuring system for free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone with automatic sensor cleaning, ideally suited for reliable measurements in emergency chlorination Joint demonstration model long-distance water supply • Threaded resistance temperature assembly OPTITEMP TRA/TCA-S11 for general applications OPTIFLUX 2300 C flowmeter KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH headquartered in Duisburg. Develops, produces and sells products in the field of flow, level, temperature, analysis and pressure measuring technology. KROHNE is one of the market leaders in industrial process measuring technology. is a worldwide manufacturer of components, systems and is a German company with more than 140 years of solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy-duty and automation. valves for all kinds of water applications. With more than 1,200 employees worldwide the valve manufacturer is a globally active company and is setting new standards as a solution and system provider in water and wastewater technology. Contact KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH Ludwig-Krohne-Str. 5 47058 Duisburg, Germany Phone: +49 203 301 0 Fax: +49 203 301 10389 info@krohne.com I www.krohne.com VAG-Armaturen GmbH Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH Flachsmarktstr. 8 32825 Blomberg, Germany Phone: +49 52 3531 2000 Fax: +49 52 3531 2999 info@phoenixcontact.de I www.phoenixcontact.de VAG-Armaturen GmbH Carl-Reuther-Str. 1 68305 Mannheim, Germany Phone: +49 621 749 0 Fax: +49 621 749 291000 info@vag-group.com I www.vag-group.com Water process library Waterworx Process automation and control systems from Phoenix Contact • Easy commissioning with the industry-specific water process library Waterworx • Easy integration of measuring and control technology with pre-programmed function blocks • Permanent system overview with integrated visualisation on-site and in the control room • Reliable transmission of all relevant process data almost all communication networks such as mobile, public telephone network, wired systems, radio systems • Support of all standard communication interfaces such as PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, Modbus • Reliable remote communication via standardised protocols such as IEC 60870-5-101/104 and ODP Automation technology Valve technology from VAG VAG RIKO® Plunger Valve As a group of recognized partners in water management, KROHNE Messtechnik, Phoenix Contact and VAG-Armaturen GmbH have taken on the task to provide the solution for efficient control and monitoring of long-distance supply lines and water towers. Operators face the challenge here of ensuring an effective and material-saving high-level tank management. The filling of the high-level tank has to be carried out in such a way that no attributable cavitation damage occurs due to too high pressure differences on the components. Further challenges during operation include the avoidance of pressure surges and leaks in pipelines. Nowadays, a reliable water supply has become a major challenge. Therefore drinking water obtained from groundwater has to transported via long-distance water supply lines into a high-level tank, in order to reliably feed the supply network from there. VAG RIKO Plunger Valve ® • The symmetrical flow control concentrates the energy of the water in the centre of the pipe, which results in less wear on the valve and the pipe • By means of calculation, the valve can be operated in any degree of opening without internal cavitation • High corrosion resistance due to stainless steel internal parts and certified coating system • Long valve lifetime thanks to the certified corrosion protection and low-wear piston guide and seal arrangement • Available nominal diameters: DN150-2000/6-80" to PN40 as standard versions Control and monitoring of long-distance water supply pipelines • The valve can be adapted to suit a wide variety of operating con

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Our cooperation – your solution During the filling process, a high pumping pressure is discharged through the open discharge in the high-level tank. Regardless of differential pressure and flow rate, the water can be accelerated so fast that vapour bubbles (cavitation) occur that cause significant damage to the reservoir inlet or the fitting. This can be prevented by the combined use of control valves, flow and level measurement and process automation. Level meters The level measurement in the high-level tank sets the controlled variable for the plunger valve. The control of the plunger valve is...

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