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KRDHNE M measure the facts Flow measurement Product overview

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Product selection Highlights of the KROHNE devices Electromagnetic flowmeters 18-25 Variable area flowmeters KROHNE trademarks: KROHNE CalSys CARGOMASTER EcoMATE EGM KROHNE Care OPTIBATCH OPTIBRIDGE OPTIFLEX OPTIFLUX OPTIMASS OPTIQUAD OPTISONIC OPTISOUND OPTISWIRL OPTISWITCH OPTISYS OPTIWAVE PipePatrol WATERFLUX SENSOFIT SMARTBASE SMARTMAC Trademarks of other owners: Amphenol FDT Group FOUNDATION™ fieldbus HART HASTELLOY Metaglas PACTware PROFIBUS® VARINLINE Differential pressure flow measurement Flow controllers

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Letter from the Corporate Management Dear Customers, Communication techniques are becoming ever more complex, from the field through to the control level. At the same time the demands for recording physical measured variables such as flow rates, fill levels, temperature, pressure and analysis parameters are constantly growing. The principal requirement in this respect is absolute reliability of the measured values. This means the measuring equipment, even when subjected to disruptive influences such as changing flow profiles or inclusion of gas bubbles, must always deliver reliable values,...

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The solution for every application KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. We hold over 1,000 patents relating to flow products and don’t just demonstrate our ability with standard applications but also with applications that are demanding, requiring custom solutions. For us, customer orientation starts as early as research and development. Many of our products which are considered today’s industrial standards, were developed in cooperation with our customers. Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation: Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic liners...

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Product selection Product selection list This table will help you in selecting the right measuring principle for your application Electro-­ magnetic flowmeters Variable area flowmeters Ultrasonic flowmeters Mass flowmeters Vortex flowmeters Differential pressure flow measurement Flow controllers High flow rates (> 100000 m3/h) Non-conductive liquids Viscous media Industrial gases High flow rates Slurry, media with solids Emulsions (oil/water) Corrosive liquids (acids, alkalis) Bi-directional measurements Special applications

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Product Overview Flow Measurement - 6

Highlights of the KROHNE devices GDC concept: An electronics concept from which everybody benefits MFC 400 for mass flowmeters UFC 400 for ultrasonic flowmeters User-friendliness is traditionally a top priority at KROHNE: whether during installation, commissioning, operation or communication – high-end technology only makes sense if it is simple and convenient for the customer to use. That is why at KROHNE, user-friendliness begins with the electronics. Our development and application engineers have worked for years to develop a comprehensive design known as the General Device Concept – GDC...

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Human Machine Interface (HMI): Simply clever, simply well thought-out User-friendliness begins with selecting the right display and control elements. All devices feature a large, high-contrast display which makes it possible to display plain text information as well as graphic information such as the trend development of the flow. Operation is simple and convenient thanks to a user-friendly interface with four optical buttons. Not only does it look good – it’s also extremely practical. For example, the glass cover which protects the display from dirt and dust does not have to be removed...

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Product Overview Flow Measurement - 8

The modular product line Converters IFC 050 C Display/Blind: Basic applications OPTIFLUX 2000 The all-round solution for the water and wastewater industry WATERFLUX 3000 The solution for measuring small and large flows without requiring inlets or outlets OPTIFLUX 4000 The all-round solution for the process industry OPTIFLUX 5000 sandwich Ceramic measuring tube: maximum media and abrasion resistance and accuracy OPTIFLUX 5000 flange Ceramic measuring tube: maximum media and abrasion resistance and accuracy OPTIFLUX 6000 The hygenic solution for the food and pharmaceutical industry Flow...

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Product Overview Flow Measurement - 9

OPTIFLUX 7300 C sandwich With non wetted capacitive electrodes and ceramic liner TIDALFLUX 2300 F For partially filled pipelines, Ex Zone 1 OPTIFLUX 7300 C flange With non wetted capacitive electrodes and ceramic liner WATERFLUX 3070 The battery operated solution for large turndown ratios and small spaces with no inlets or outlets OPTICHECK On-site verification tool for calibration verification and documentation Electromagnetic flowmeters BATCHFLUX 5500 For volumetric filling systems in the beverage industry

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Product Overview Flow Measurement - 10

Electromagnetic flowmeters Electromagnetic flowmeters The measuring principle Highlights: •• Minimal or no inlets/outlets •• All KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeters are wet-calibrated in a direct comparison of volumes As early as 1832, Michael Faraday tried to determine the speed of the current in the Thames by measuring the voltage induced in flowing water by the earth’s magnetic field. Electromagnetic flow measurement is based on Faraday’s law of induction. According to this law, a voltage is induced when an electric conductive fluid flows through the magnetic field of an electromagnetic...

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Electromagnetic flowmeters The standard for the competition: Electromagnetic flowmeters from KROHNE Industries: •• Water and wastewater •• Chemical As founder and world market leader in electromagnetic flowmeter technology, we have been impressing our customers with innovation for more than 60 years, innovations that continue to set the standard for the competition. Our OPTIFLUX product line is an excellent example of this: a converter for all applications. A one-of-a-kind diagnostics package that can even look into the process. An intuitive operating concept featuring a quick start...

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Production process of high-performance ceramics Electromagnetic flow measurement: Increased safety through the use of high-performance ceramics in flange design The converter is not the only critical factor in the reproducibility of the measured value during electromagnetic flow measurement. The form stability of the measuring tube under temperature and pressure stresses also plays an important role. To obtain a reliable measurement even with critical media, the measuring tube material, the electrode construction and the process connection must all be taken into account. When it comes to...

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