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► Enhanced repeatability in excess of API Chapter A, for greater control on metering accuracy ► Quick change-out and no need to re-calibrate your prover ► One model fits all prover pipes from 3-36 inches ► Stainless steel wetted parts make the Micro-set suitable for most products

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Micro-set Prover Sphere Detector No matter how precisely you engineer your prover - and very few in the world can reach our quality - it’s the sphere detection that determines the accuracy. Micro-set has all the features you need: Proven accuracy & reliability Repeatable for the lifetime of the detector Robust, durable and hard-wearing In service all around the world for over 25 years.

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Micro-set Prover Sphere Detector Micro-set meter prover sphere detectors have shown themselves repeatable and reliable on NGL, butane, propane, refined petroleum products and crude oil. The detectors have performed well on hot, heavy, waxy crude oil and special flushing ports can be incorporated to enable cleaning during shut-down in extreme circumstances. Retrofit model for replacing other types of detector KROHNE can manufacture special Micro-set sphere detectors to suit your application. Given detailed dimensional information regarding your existing sphere detector boss KROHNE design a...

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advanced Performance Designed to perform beyond existing limitations Technical description The Micro-set meter prover sphere detector was originally designed and developed to satisfy a requirement for a 3” ball prover for butane and propane, a requirement which no existing proprietary unit could meet at the time. The Micro-set sphere detector is a mechanically activated position sensor for signalling the passage of a meter prover sphere. The unit is bolted to the prover loop pipe by means of a mounting boss, this allows the Micro-set plunger to protrude through the pipe wall and the prover...

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Proven to work better Calibration tests Any Micro-set sphere detector that is set correctly using the same setting fixture can be exchanged in a pipe prover without significantly changing the base volume. Calibration tests undertaken by SGS, the international calibra- tion specialists, on a four detector 10" prover loop produced the following results. The total spread of results from the four tests was only 0.0068% ■ U CVIily •■'<*•■ Iht Qiritfy Mm*g«i»*fH SjiWri d Sheffield. StiMlh Wfcjhjr* United Kingdom The OiMtity Mngrmtnt iinletn n tpplubfe to PruknL mjn.Kje-Picnl. dciign and supply...

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useful Options Proven options ensure reliable results under all circumstances The vast majority of detectors supplied are of standard design however there are two optional design enhancements that may be incorporated into both the ANSI 600 and ANSI 1500 models where application conditions are particularly onerous. In situ cleaning/ushing option Where the owing product is a crude oil with a high wax and/or sediment content there is the possibility that the build up of surface deposits within the detector body may prevent proper operation of the detector. Typically the movement of the plunger...

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better Performance Modernise your existing prover Retrots The Micro-set may be mounted on an existing prover which has been tted with mounting bosses for other detector types. To achieve this, the Micro-set may be supplied with an extended plunger and modied body to aid the direct replacement of the existing detector type. Alternatively the Micro-set can be tted with an extended plunger and an adaptor. Micro-set can be easily tted on site anywhere in the world

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Safe Operation Hazardous Area Approval ATEX Approval The Micro-set Sphere Detector is certied EExd IIB T6 and is suitable for use in hazardous areas. Equipment intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 94/9/EC Certificate Number: EC TYPE-EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE Issue: MSDI Micro-Set Sphere Detector The MSDI Micro-Set Sphere Detector comprises a detector tube containing an encapsulated reed switch, which is rated up to 2 A at 250 V d.c. The detector tube is fitted into a housing, which comprises four main components; a lower detector housing, detector plunger, spring...

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Micro-set Detector Parts including all wearing, non-wearing and consumable items Reference Number Prover pipe boss carbon steel / stainless steel Reed switch assembly Bottom housing and label Plunger washer GRP/stainless steel Top and bottom lock nuts and washers for junction box The items in this parts list refer to the Micro-set Detector Arrangement drawing above.

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Setting, Installation, operating and maintenance manual General arrangement drawing (included in above SIOM manual) Certicate of conformity ATEX hazardous area certicate Detector functional test reports, including pressure tests Optional Documentation NACE certication (must be stated at time of order) Junction box hazardous area certicate Junction box IP rating certicate Junction box installation instructions Mounting boss material certicate Options Weld-on pipe-mounting boss Flushing port Retrot to existing ttings Spare parts kit Junction box PEEK bushes for dry, low lubricity LNG / LPG...

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Flow Meters for Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Metering Systems Gas Flow Metering Systems Wet Gas Metering Systems Provers & Master Meters Flow Computing, Supervisory Software & Analyzer Management Calibration Systems Tank Inventory & Management Systems Analyzer Houses and Shelters Loading & Off-loading Systems Leak Detection and Localisation Systems Revamps & Upgrades Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Service Training KROHNE Oil & Gas (UK) Ltd 70 Carwood Road | Shefeld, S4 7SD | England Contact Alison Hall | Micro-set Product Manager a.hall@krohne-oilandgas.com Tel. +44 (0) 114 243 1332...

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