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Technical Datasheet Signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters • Simple and easy to install and start-up • Diagnostics of device and application • Extremely fast signal conversion \_/ APPROVED COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL FOUNIMTION '_ _I_II_'_ The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the flow sensor.

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1.1 The more than economical solution The IFC 100 electromagnetic signal converter is designed to measure the flow velocity, conductivity, volume and mass flow of electrically conductive, liquid media. The signal converter can be combined with any measuring sensor, making it very widely used. In terms of available housing versions, there is a compact variant, in which the signal converter is connected to the measuring sensor, as well as a 0° and 45° version. If the measuring point is difficult to access or the ambient conditions prevent the use of the compact variant, the signal converter...

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Highlights • Simple installation and start-up • Available inputs and outputs: Current output (incl. HART®), pulse/frequency output, status output and control input • Large backlit graphic display with intuitive operation • A variety of operating languages integrated as standard • Maintenance free • Excellent price/performance ratio • Extremely quick signal conversion • Higher accuracy by extended calibration Water & Wastewater Agriculture Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Machinery Power plants Measuring homogeneous media Water distribution networks and spray-irrigation systems...

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1.2 Options and variants Modular converter concept Despite its somewhat different appearance, the IFC 100 has many of the same functions as its "big brother" IFC 300. Diagnostic function, conductivity measurement and simple navigation to name but a few. This latest member of the converter family also has a large number of fully-developed functions: • various power supply versions (AC, DC, AC/DC) • HART® as standard • Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA/DP or Modbus • optional Ex version available (Compact version as 45° version) Compact design in various versions The IFC 100 C in the 0°...

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IFC 100 - 6

Remote version in wall-mounted housing For temperature effects, vibration or in places that are difficult to access, remote installation is possible with the IFC 100 W. A signal cable is used to connect the measuring sensor and the converter for the purposes of power supply and signal processing. The electronics can be used in all housing versions without having to be reconfigurated. (signal converter in wall-mounted housing) Diagnostics The IFC 100 has been equipped with a wide variety of diagnostic tools for device function and application check. • Conductivity measurement • Electrode...

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IFC 100 - 7

1.3 Signal converter / measuring sensor combination possibilities Measuring sensor Measuring sensor + signal converter IFC 100 Compact (0°/45° version) Remote wall-mounted housing 1.4 Measuring principle An electrically conductive fluid flows inside an electrically insulated pipe through a magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils. Inside of the fluid, a voltage U is generated: U=v*k*B*D in which: v = mean flow velocity k = factor correcting for geometry B = magnetic field strength D = inner diameter of flow meter The signal voltage...

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IFC 100 - 8

2.1 Technical data • The following data is provided for general applications. If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sales office. • Additional information (certificates, special tools, software,...) and complete product documentation can be downloaded free of charge from the website (Download Center). Measuring system Measuring principle Application range Continuous measurement of current volume flow, flow velocity, conductivity, mass flow (at constant density), coil temperature of the measuring sensor Design Modular...

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IFC 100 - 9

Display and user interface Graphic display LC display, backlit white. Size: 128 x 64 pixels, corresponds to 59 x 31 mm = 2.32" x 1.22" Ambient temperatures below -25°C / -13°F may affect the readability of the display. Operating elements 4 push buttons for operator control of the signal converter without opening the housing. Remote control PACTwareTM (including Device Type Manager (DTM)) HART® Hand Held Communicator from Emerson Process AMS® from Emerson Process PDM® from Siemens All DTMs and drivers are available free of charge from the manufacturer's website. Display functions Operating...

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IFC 100 - 10

Operating conditions Temperature Process temperature Refer to technical data for the measuring sensor. Ambient temperature Depending on the version and combination of outputs. It is a good idea to protect the converter from external heat sources such as direct sunlight as higher temperatures reduce the life cycle of all electronic components. Ambient temperatures below -25°C / -13°F may affect the readability of the display. Storage temperature Pressure Medium Refer to technical data for the measuring sensor. Ambient pressure Chemical properties Electrical conductivity All media except for...

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IFC 100 - 11

Electrical connection General Electrical connection is carried out in conformity with the VDE 0100 directive "Regulations for electrical power installations with line voltages up to 1000 V" or equivalent national specifications. Power supply 100…230 VAC (-15% / +10%), 50/60 Hz; non-Ex: standard; Ex: optional 240 VAC + 5% is included in the tolerance range. 24 VDC (-55% / +30%); only available as non Ex version 12 VDC - 10% is included in the tolerance range. 24 VAC/DC (AC: -15% / +10%; DC: -25% / +30%); non-Ex: standard; Ex: optional 12 V is not included in the tolerance range. Power...

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IFC 100 - 12

Current output Output data Volume flow, mass flow, diagnostic value, flow velocity, coil temperature, conductivity Without HART® Q = 0%: 0…20 mA; Q = 100%: 10…21.5 mA Error identification: 20…22 mA With HART® Q = 0%: 4…20 mA; Q = 100%: 10…21.5 mA Error identification: 3…22 mA Operating data I ≤ 22 mA RL ≤ 750 Ω HART® at terminals A Uext ≤ 32 VDC HART® Description HART® protocol via active and passive current output HART® version: V5 Universal Common Practice HART® parameter: completely supported ≥ 250 Ω at HART® test point; Note maximum load for current output! Multi-drop mode Yes, current...

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