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Pfiffner Rotary transfer centre RT 100-12 CNC

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RT 100-12 CNC THE FLEXIBLE ROTARY TRANSFER CENTER Flexible Machining to Perfection

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The FFG Rotary Transfer Platform Flexible Multi-Machining Precise, modular and efficient: The FFG group is the The ability to set up working stations horizontally as well as world’s leading manufacturer of rotary transfer machines vertically allows big machining jobs with the highest output and offers the best solutions for workpieces at the high just-in-time. The enormous flexibility of the rotary transfer machines gives our clients a major advantage in dealing with the growing challenges of today’s global markets: United under the roof of the FFG group: with the rotary 3 he most...

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Rotary transfer center: the rotating workpiece spindle At the core of the RT 100 CNC are 12 independently driven workpiece spindles and up to 18 installable, simultaneously operating machining modules in both horizontal and vertical positions. With this high-end technology, the most challenging machining tasks in the 6-side cutting of highly complex mass-produced parts are carried out to the highest level of quality. The structure of the up to 18 implementable machining modules is always carried out on the same basic module (3-axis module). In combination with a multitude of tool modules...

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Machining of complex turned and milled parts Uncompromising cutting of high-strength materials within the areas of rotating, milling and drilling with maximum precision and process reliability in mass production - these are the outstanding features of this unique and ingenious high-end technology. The 12 independently driven workpiece spindles and up to 18 machining modules in both horizontal and vertical positions allow the most challenging machining tasks to be performed from 6 sides. The machining can be carried out from the bar and from the blank. When blanks are processed, the...

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The Solid Basis for the Highest Precision Basic Structure of the RT 100-12 Maximum rigidity – maximum dampening The advantages of the mineral casting machine bed Due to the mineral cast machine bed, the RT 100-12 boasts 3 xcellent dampening qualities E extremely high dampening abilities in addition to its impressive 3 mpressive dynamic and static rigidity I static and dynamic rigidity, and is therefore an outstanding choice for highly dynamic and precise machining. The composite material consisting of minerals and stone 3 esign possibilities with integral construction D which is combined...

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Investment Security Through Modularity One Basic Module for all Purposes endless list of configuration possibilities for optimal and highly The setup of up to 18 implementable machining modules cost-effective workpiece production; this crowns the RT 100-12 (12 horizontal and 6 vertical) is always carried out on the as the king ofrotary transfer machines. The machine system can same basic module. This unique degree of modularity with be reconfiguredat any time, and therefore provides extremely the universal machining unit for all stations provides an almost high investment security for the...

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Count on Excellence — The Perfect All-rounder, Now Boasting Even More Powerful Turning Processes Rotary indexing table Technical data: rotary indexing table The rotary indexing table is the beating heart of every rotary 3 onnection for 12 workpiece spindles C transfer machine. It ensures the highly precise positioning of workpieces between the individual stations. Thanks to most advanced slip ring technology, the rotary 3 Water-cooled torque motor indexing table can be continuously turned. A look at the centrepiece, the rotary indexing table with 12 workpiece spindles The workpiece spindle...

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Ready for your Application The RT Loading Variants Limitless possibilities for loading and unloading processes As customer needs are always the priority at Pfiffner, each The machining can be carried out from the bar and from the Pfiffner rotary transfer machine is configured and optimised blank. When moulded and cast blanks are processed, the in accordance with individual customer specifications. workpieces are not merely loaded, but also measured in their Together with the customer, we determine the perfect material clamping positions. The tracking of the following machining feeding...

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Industry 4.0 The Challenge within Production The fourth Industrial Revolution Information in the right place, at the right time In recent years, production has been oriented towards the For Pfiffner, this primarily means making use of modern principles of lean production, increased flexibility and therefore comprehensive information and communication technology in the achievement of significant success with regard to productivity order to increase productivity. Requirements such as real-time and supply capability. With Industry 4.0, modern production is capability of production data and...

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Real-time data and statistical analyses Compiling and recording data ► Recording and analysis of real-time data ► Web-based visualisation ► Use of standardised interfaces Machine diagnostics ► Long-term diagnostic ► Visualisation of top 10 error messages ► Predictive maintenance Machine state monitoring ► Working mode, cycle times and counter ► Machine availability Safer remote access ► Use of proven IoT cloud security ► Safer access via current Internet connection

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The New Control System Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX Advanced Innovative, flexible, future-proof Until now, there had been no CNC control available on the market that could control so many axes. The challenge lies in being able to combine decentralized intelligent electric and electro-hydraulic axes in any configuration. So far, we had to use multiple CNC control systems in parallel using the so-called master-slave process. Within engineering, this was extremely time-consuming and expensive. For our machines, and consequently for our customers, this was no ideal technical solution with...

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