Increasing productivity with Pfiffner: the Hydromat® standalone machining unit - 8 Pages

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Increasing productivity with Pfiffner: the Hydromat® standalone machining unit

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Increasing productivity with Pfiffner: the Hydromat® standalone machining unit Greater efficiency More flexibility Higher productivity

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Without CNC, rotary transfer machines quickly reach their limits No question: conventional Hydromat® rotary transfer machines with classic hydraulic machining units can turn in blistering performance. They produce large runs of complex components, day in, day out, all in incredibly short cycle times with maximum precision. And they do it all without CNC. But what if you need to make even more complex workpieces? Or if your customers put even more exacting demands on the component in question. What if: they need to turn a ball or a cone they need to cut or whirl a thread they need to drill...

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With a standalone CNC machining unit, rotary transfer machines can be pushed beyond their limits No problem: Pfiffner‘s innovations keep you productive when others run out of solutions. Because now, conventional Hydromat® rotary transfer machines without CNC can be retrofitted with the newly developed Hydromat® standalone machining unit. All without the need for extra space. The standalone machining unit consists of: a control cabinet with drives and hydraulics a Siemens HT8 handheld terminal a 50/100 turning attachment for lathe work (top right) or a flange unit with a 36/100 and 26/80...

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Turning and cutting with unmatched precision: thanks to the standalone machining unit Turning with various diameters A workpiece with three different diameters used to require three different machining stations. Today, a standalone machining unit handles them all in a single pass. Turning external and internal contours There was a time when the turning of external and internal contours with complex shapes was impossible without CNC. For jobs like these, a standalone machining unit uses low-cost standard tools. Thread-cutting With a standalone machining unit, thread-cutting too is completely...

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Thread-milling and contour-milling with unmatched precision: thanks to the standalone machining unit Thread-milling With a standalone machining attachment, thread-milling is much faster and burr-free. Drilling multiple bores At one time, the drilling of a variety of bores required several machining stations. Today, a stand alone machining attachment handles it all in a single pass. Milling complex external and internal contours With a conventional Hydromat® rotary transfer machine, it is not even possible to mill complex external and internal contours. For machining processes like these, a...

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Retrofitting Hydromat® rotary transfer machines with unmatched precision: the highlights at a glance Even highly complex components can be manufactured in a single pass on conventional Hydromat® rotary transfer machines. Simple, low-cost standard tools are used for all machining processes. Pfiffner‘s expert service team exchanges the hydraulic unit for a CNC unit in next to no time. The standalone unit dovetails smoothly with your existing controls. Setup with the Siemens HA8 handheld terminal is simple thanks to standardized ISO programming.

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Profiting with unmatched precision: the return on investment for forward-looking entrepreneurs The efficient production of components in fewer passes and on fewer machining stations boosts your company‘s productivity and efficiency. New ways of machining even more complex components increase your company‘s flexibility and sharpen your competitive edge. Faster, higher-quality CNCmachining processes enhance the precision of your components and boost your company‘s performance.

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Head offices: K.R. Pfiffner AG Gewerbestrasse 14 P.O. Box 229 CH-8800 Thalwil Switzerland Tel.: +41 44 722 66 66 Fax: +41 44 722 66 77 K.R. Pfiffner GmbH Axtbühl 2 D-78658 Zimmern o.R. Germany Tel.: +49 741 92 88 0 Fax: +49 741 92 88 155 Copyright by K.R. Pfiffner AG. All rights reserved. Printed in Switzerland, 06/2009.

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