Hydromat - State-of-the-art technology from A to Z: innovations from Pfiffner - 14 Pages

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Hydromat - State-of-the-art technology from A to Z: innovations from Pfiffner

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State-of-the-art technology from A to Z: innovations from Pfi ffner Hydromat® rotary transfer machines Tools CNC systems

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Innovative ways of thinking and operating from Pfi ffner: for entrepreneurs with vision When your objective is to satisfy the demands placed on the workpieces of tomorrow, you need the iron discipline required to develop new technologies, new machines, new tools, new machining processes and new approaches to thinking. Only by adopting this attitude can we develop and launch the Hydromat® rotary transfer machines that keep our customers a step ahead of the competition. And that‘s the reason why Pfi ffner‘s future also lies in its past. Ever since our company‘s foundation, we have continually...

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Innovative Hydromat® rotary transfer machine design for more reliability in production Hydromat® rotary transfer machines were developed to deliver maximum performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even the design of each of the machines features innovations that seek their equal: Space-saving hydraulic systems. All electric cables and components are safely positioned outside the machining areas. Smart swarf removal increases productivity and prevents damage to workpieces. Workpieces can be measured during the machining process and any necessary adjustments carried out automatically....

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Innovative Hydromat® rotary transfer machine technology for maximum precision The increasing complexity of precision workpieces calls for matching complex processes. This is the reason why Pfi ffner has designed a special pick-up technology to facilitate the concentric machining of a workpiece from two sides. In principle, the pick-up unit is a rotating cell integrated in the machine Thanks to the rotating cell, the machine is able to work with both stationary tools and rotating workpieces. The pick-up unit removes the workpiece from the collet on the index table, clamps it on the side that...

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Innovative tools and machining units for more effi ciency Depending on the demands placed on the workpiece being produced, the tools previously used in the machining of symmetrical, round or cubic parts, of blanks or circular materials from bars were either very simple or highly complex. And that necessitated a whole host of a dapters. Today, CNC permits the use of simple tools for all machining operations. In fact, even complex contours can be cut using standard tools. Standard tools and standard machining units such as drilling, milling, crossdrilling, turning, tapping, rolling and...

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Innovative computer numerical control for increased fl exibility and productivity With workpieces becoming ever more complex and the materials and alloys involved increasingly valuable, it takes sophisticated software to keep pace with highly developed hardware. In other words, CNC: All data can be keyed into the display. Mechanical setting is a thing of the past. User-friendly handling eliminates sources of error and reduces waste to an absolute minimum. Older rotary transfer machines can be retrofi tted with CNC at any time. Thanks to CNC technology, retooling from one workpiece to...

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Innovative machining processes for higher profi tability At Pfi ffner, the whole is also more than the sum of its parts. Because innovative design, technology, tools and control systems make machining processes possible that are revolutionizing the industry. One outstanding milestone from Pfi ffner was the x-y fl ange, allowing the machining process in three axes on a single unit. Another is quadruple-axis machining of the workpiece with a single unit. Milling, drilling and tapping together with complex thread-whirling and polygon turning in a single cycle. Thread-milling, complex 3D...

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The ultimate in industrial production: Innovations from Pfi ffner Creation Implementation Production

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Innovation is the principle behind our business The Latin word “innovatio” means renewal. At Pfi ffner, we defi ne renewal as the change to higher effi ciency, greater precision and more quality. We believe anyone with an aspiration to leave a lasting mark on industrial production fi rst of all needs to understand his clients‘ business. And that means: knowing the markets in which they are active recognizing the challenges that face them understanding how they can set themselves apart from the competition. Only in this way is it possible to make Hydromat® rotary transfer machines with CNC...

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Innovative solutions from Pfi ffner Nibbling/Broaching Numerically controlled doublesided slotting operation at up to 600 strokes per minute.

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Circular milling Applications: thread milling of internal and external threads milling of complex internal and external contours (free forming) milling of internal and external recesses (making it easier to control swarf on materials that are diffi cult to cut) Technology: Numerically controlled X/Y/Z fl ange.

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Helical milling Applications: milling of freely programmable threads Cross hole drilling in any rel ative position complex deburring operations freely programmable fouraxis interpolation Technology: Numerically controlled X/Y/Z fl ange with additional C axis.

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Deep hole drilling Applications: Deep hole drilling from approx. 1 mm Technology: Speeds of up to 28 000 rpm High pressure up to 180 bar Stroke up to 120 mm

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Head offi ces: K.R. Pfi ffner AG Gewerbestrasse 14 P.O. Box 229 CH-8800 Thalwil Switzerland Tel.: +41 44 722 66 66 Fax: +41 44 722 66 77 info@pfi ffner.com www.pfi ffner.com K.R. Pfi ffner GmbH Axtbühl 2 D-78658 Zimmern o.R. Germany Tel.: +49 741 92 88 0 Fax: +49 741 92 88 155 info@pfi ffner.de www.pfi ffner.com Copyright by K.R. Pfi ffner AG. All rights reserved. Printed in Switzerland, 08/2008.

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