Hydromat - Setting the pace in production: with Hydromat rotary transfer machines from Pfiffner - 15 Pages

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Hydromat - Setting the pace in production: with Hydromat rotary transfer machines from Pfiffner

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Setting the pace in production: with Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfiffner Productivity Flexibility Efficiency

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Producing worldwide with Swiss precision: with Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner We would like to make one thing clear from the start: you can rely on Swiss precision from Pfi ffner. Because Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner are precision products of the highest possible quality. And the name Hydromat® stands for it all. Our rotary transfer machines are based on an electro - hy draulic system. They work with up to 16 horizontal and 8 vertical machining stations. They turn, mill, drill, grind, hone and cold-form workpieces simultaneously in a single pass. They...

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The competition can drill, mill, grind, hone, turn and invert as much as they wish. But Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner dazzle with qualities you will seek in vain elsewhere: Modular set-up. The principle of the Hydromat® concept is based on a set of modular units, which enables every production station to be used Success all down the line: with Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner with any other rotary transfer machine from Pfi ffner. Compact design. The hydraulic concept used in the machines facilitates a compact, spacesaving footprint. The workpiece holders...

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Simultaneous machining process. Depending on your choice of Hydromat®, you ben efi t from simultaneous machining on up to fi ve sides; in contrast to other production systems, this rules out the need for subsequent secondary operations. Complete machining. The Hydromat® carries out each step in the process fully automatically and simultaneously, in a single cycle, regardless of whether the piece needs to be machined transversely, vertically or hor izontally. Short cycle times. Simultaneous machining combined with the system‘s unique allround approach enable the production of large series in...

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High quality. The stable machine base, the closed cooling system and the resulting constant temperatures guarantee high dimensional accuracy throughout the entire production cycle. Secure production. All electrical cables and components are outside the closed machining area. The design of the unit carrier ensures that any swarf is removed directly from the machining area and cannot fall on nearby workpieces and tools. For Pfi ffner, the individual is no less important than the machine. Our service is all-inclusive, accompanying customers from the planning stage through to operator training...

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production process is running smoothly, our after-sales service kicks in: effi cient support when you need to retool for new types of workpiece, short delivery times for spare parts, and rapid retrofi tting of software and hardware modules. All in all, Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner are a minor economic wonder: they minimize production costs and waste, optimize planning and operating reliability, and maximize your company‘s productivity and effi - ciency. Drilling and chamfering Broaching

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Going for maximum fl exibility in production: with CNC from Siemens Another reason why Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner have established their worldwide reputation is the fact that they feature comp uter numerical control (CNC) from Siemens. Any station can be equipped with CNC to meet the demands on the machine or the workpiece to be produced. Thanks to CNC, machining station and tool heads can be combined so effectively that processes involving the machining of up to fi ve sides can be carried out simultaneously. The SINUMERIK 840D CNC system from Siemens guarantees...

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The HW/HB series: classical Hydromat® rotary transfer machines with vertical and horizontal machining stations and hydraulic controls that can be upgraded to CNC at any time. These machines are used primarily to produce rotationally symmetrical parts from bars or blanks. The V series: Hydromat® rotary transfer machines for vertical, three-side machining up to 300 millimetres, prima- Taking your direction from customers‘ needs: with three Hydromat® series from Pfiffner A Hydromat® is not simply a Hydromat®. Every rotary transfer machine from Pfiffner, be it with standard configuration or...

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Hydromat® rotary transfer machines not only produce highquality workpieces in steel alloy, brass and aluminium but also put a perfect fi nish on the balance sheet fi gures of companies in industries as diverse as automobile manufac ture, electronics, telecommu nications, fastening technology, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical engineering: Profi t from the workshop to the executive fl oor: with Hydromat® rotary transfer machines from Pfi ffner High-level user-friendliness in both the machine and the control system eliminates sources of error, minimizes waste, increases production...

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new investments. Lower maintenance costs during operation over the years without signifi cant loss of production takes the pressure off your budget. High machine reliability maximizes production and optimizes production costs. High planning reliability ensures you are able to meet and satisfy customer demands. High fl exibility ensures rapid retooling for new types of parts, shortens delivery dates and creates competitive advantages. High quality workpieces with minimum concessions increase customer satisfaction and profi tability. High-level reliability in production, thanks to protected...

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ductivity and secures jobs. High productivity thanks to unbeatable cycle times increases sales and profi tability. All-round advice and service from planning, installation and commissioning all the way through to the redesign of machining processes increases your return on investment. High compatibility between machine and control facilitates migration and guarantees maximum possible security for your investment. 24-hour service support guarantees high machine productivity. Last but not least, Pfi ffner‘s ReVest® upgrading and overhaul scheme provides you with a unique form of guarantee on...

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