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precise solutions Precise, Modular, Efficien Pfiffner Rotary Transfer machines^

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Automobile industry Security and lock technology Household appliances Hydromat®: Maximal Output with Minimal Input To successfully meet the enormously varied demands Hydromat® rotary transfer machines are designed for of the manufacturing industry, Pfiffner has been the handling of bar stock and coil materials or auto- developing rotary transfer machines using the modu- matic part feeding, assuring high-precision machin- lar principle for more than 40 years. The Hydromat ing of each piece, carried out simultaneously on all rotary transfer machine's proven program can meet a stations. Every...

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Fastening technology Shown: Hydromat® HW 25/12 As many variations as there are applications…

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Automobile industry Security and lock technology Household appliances A key illustration: 8 from the total 16 work stations on the HB 32/16 Rotary Transfer Technology: Precision in a Fraction of a Second With a Hydromat®, parts are simultaneously ma- All operations are carried out simultaneously on all chined in multiple operating workstations. The heart stations, which gives extraordinary short cycle times. of the machine is the indexing table for fixed clamping In any situation where complex metal parts are re- of the parts. Collets, clamping vises, and special fix- quired in high volumes...

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Fastening technology Machining unit Index table for transport of parts from station to station Collets /clamping vise Unit carrier

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Modular Principle Assures Capital Investment Security Boring, turning, milling, reaming or thread cutting: way, each and every Hydromat® can be taken apart the individual machining units arranged around the and retooled or redesigned whenever a new pro- index table enable production with the manufactur- cess is required. This special advantage makes the ing speed demanded by complex metal parts. whole production cycle highly flexible and gives the Through this process, Pfiffner has developed an firm a new dimension in manufacturing security. ingenious system in which the individual...

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Boring head Milling head Tapping head for tapping Tool spindle unit Cross-drilling head for perpendicular machining Threading unit Chaser head for threading Turning head All Hydromat® type machines are completely modular: every machining unit is designed for various tool heads, which are interchangeable. The various types of machining units can be anchored at any desired workstation. This extraordinary flexibility even allows the combination of hydraulic and 100 % electronically controlled CNC units on the same machine.

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Automobile industry Security and lock technology Household appliances Inclined slider head for exterior recesses Inverting unit repositions for work on reverse side of part Recess unit Inclined slider head for interior recesses

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Fastening technology CNC Contour turning unit for the production of complex forms

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Automobile industry Security and lock technology Household appliances CNC Control for Machining in Three Axes The use of CNC controls allows for continuous path For many applications, the machine can be set up as motion of the machining unit in all three axes. The a full CNC machining system. The result; short CNC axes of the highly dynamic hydraulically opera- setup times and the capability to machine a wide ted components are constantly updated to the product spectrum – key advantages! newest technical standards. They are designed as free standing units that can be built on to any work-...

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Fastening technology I Fittings I Hydraulics and pneumatics I Gas and welding

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Automobile industry Security and lock technology Household appliances Wide Ranging Diversity, Depth of Intelligence Hydromat® rotary transfer machines' proven technol- Smart processes produce maximum precision and ogy allows highly profitable and complete machining allow shorter setup times through duplicate set- of all parts, from the simplest to the most complex. tings. Universal application ranges employing There are no limits to the versatility of applications. modular machining stations as well as digital CNC controls support the development of creative and future-oriented solutions.

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Fastening technology The capability to produce extremely complex pieces Pfiffner machines are used in: quickly, economically, and in high volumes is a major factor in success. This is exactly the reason that so many Hydromat® rotary transfer machines Security and lock technology are in problem-free operation today in quality-orien- Household appliances Fastening technology Fittings Hydraulics and pneumatics Gas and welding

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Head Office: Head office: K.R. Pfiffner AG K.R. Pfiffner AG Gewerbestrasse 14 Gewerbestrasse 14 P.O. Box 229 P.O. Box 229 CH-8800 Thalwil CH-8800 Thalwil Switzerland Switzerland Telephone +41 (0)44 722 66 66 phone +41 (0)44 722 66 66 Telefax +41 (0)44 722 66 77 fax +41 (0)44 722 67 17 info@pfiffner.com info@pfiffner.com www.pfiffner.com www.pfiffner.com K.R. Pfiffner AG, Utzenstorf Sonnmattstrasse 28 CH-3427 Utzenstorf Switzerland Telephone +41 (0)32 666 35 35 K.R. Pfiffner AG, Utzenstorf Telefax +41 (0)32 666 35 55 Sonnmattstrasse 28 utzenstorf@pfiffner.com CH-3427 Utzenstorf...

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