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Zeta 633/633 L Crimping machine

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Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L Whole new dimension of flexibility

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THE WAY TO MAKE IT | FLEXIBLE Fully automatic crimping machines that can be expanded at will and transformed into an insertion system. Here, Komax incorporates trends in wire processing and consistently implements them. As a result, the Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L meets the growing need for unlimited flexibility. Zeta 633 L provides further system combinations. Flexible solutions can be geared even more closely to customers’ individual needs. Zeta 633 Zeta 633 is a highly flexible fully automatic crimping machine used for just-in-time production. With its flexible machine concept, the Zeta 633...

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Zeta 633 Basic machine Zeta 633 L Basic machine Fully automatic wire selector Double-head marking Flexibility Up to 36 conductors are available for wire feed without changeover. Wire transport can be adapted to the specific properties of each conductor. Modules can be configured as desired along the entire length of the Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L. That means total flexibility for each area of application. The wires can be bundled or deposited in predefined order as a chain. The Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L also serves as the basic machine for the Zeta 651, Zeta 656 and splice module (SP)....

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Blade head and looper TopWin user interface User friendly Optimum access and personal safety were two top priorities in the design of the Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L. The safety cover opens vertically, allowing excellent accessibility from all sides. All material handling is done consistently from one side of the machine. The wire selector can be set up conveniently at the press of a button. The well-known TopWin user interface and a user console that slides along the entire transfer section are further features that maximize operational convenience. Produced wires or bundles can be removed while...

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Application sample Zeta 633 / 633 L Cutting Binding Half strip Inkjet marking Full strip Double crimping Crimping Twisting / Tinning Seal insertion Sleeve insertion Split cycle Ferrule crimping for closed barrel MIL-Crimping Double sheath cable Wire end solidifying / Sequence Splicing / Welding Options and accessories Marking systems Komax Inkjet marking system IMS Wire infeed Expandable wire selector Processing modules Crimping module mci 712 | Crimping module mci 722 (with programmed crimp heights) | Seal loading module mci 765 C (with seal position monitoring SPM) | Sleeve module mci 792...

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Made in Switzerland Machine layout Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L CC3. Zeta 633 / Zeta 633 L Heigth with cover closed: Heigth with cover open: 0061684 Version 3 2005mm (78.9in.) Subject to change/zn Zeta 633: 3393mm (133.6in.) Zeta 633 L: 4473mm (176.1in.) 1990mm (78.4in.) 2870mm (113in.) Technical data Length range 240mm–3000mm (9.45in.–118in.), standard tray 240mm–10000mm (9.45in.–394in.), optional Length accuracy ±1mm (0.04in.), or <0.2% Depending on wire length Stripping lengths with full strip 0.1mm–25mm (0.004in.–0.98in.) Stripping lengths with partial strip 0.1mm–42mm (0.004in.–1.65in.) Wire...

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