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The latest generation of wire processing machines allows high rates of acceleration and speed. This feature places big demands on the feeding of the wire being processed. Komax has a range of wire feeding systems to ensure the optimum solution for your specific application. F1150 The F1150 feeder is the latest motorized feed system in the Komax series for automatic and low-strain processing of cable reels weighing up to 300 kg. Thanks to its robust design and powerful drive, this feeder gently and effortlessly processes wires in a reliable process, be they thin flexible stranded wires or...

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ads 123 Capable of handling reels weighing up to 600kg, this wire delivery system from the ads series (advanced delivery system) is the ultimate in heavy-duty feed systems. The reel clamping system and the lifting device are both motor-driven. The most varied storage systems up to 5.2 meters in size, are available with this flexible system. The drive is rated for top output and operates with absolutely minimal vibration and noise. Various setup functions make wire clamping as easy as can be. Thin, flexible stranded wires and cable as well as conductors up to 35mm in diameter can run at high...

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ads  112 Wire pull machine with regulating arm ads 112 The ads 112 wire pull machine is the perfect choice for the optimum feeding of wires from reels, Conipacks or drums. Wire is transported by two synchronous toothed belts. Wires ranging from fine to coarse are fed powerfully yet gently to the processing stations, as are non-round wires Changeovers are quick and easy. For twisted or rigid wires, an ideal supplement to the wire pull machine is a DHS1000D optical wire-sag control unit. The DHS sensors continuously record the wire sage and adjust the advance speeds accordingly. Komax 106...

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(1) Narrow flat cable rolls up to 600 mm/ (2) Cable- and reel-specific/ 0 Smaller loose coils on request/ (4) Depends on storage version

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Made in Switzerland Subject to change /fim 0046326 Version 8 WP. Feed system ads  112 Wire pull machine with DHS 1000 D wire sage control unit on a Kappa 350 ads  123 With optional Storage-Arm-Down and Down-Plu

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