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harness manufacturing

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The Omega 740/750 makes it possible to produce wire harnesses of varying degrees of complexity and for terminal housings to be loaded on one side or both sides. Five (Omega 740) or eight (Omega 750) modules can be selected, as required. The Omega 740/750 is the economical answer to ongoing miniaturization and increasingly smaller batches. These machines make it possible to manufacture a range of different wire harnesses and reduce production time significantly. The Omega 745/755 application machine is essentially identical in construction to the Omega 740/750. However, the pallet system is...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 3

Guaranteed quality of the end products The quality of the end product is continually guaranteed, independent of the machine operator. A high-precision force sensor monitors the entire insertion process and correct latching of the terminal parts in the housing. The individual default values are synchronized. As a result, the insertion of small components, which can hardly be inserted by hand, is carried out in an absolutely reliable manner – supported by a precise and fast spindle drive. With direct production of QUANTUM LEAP IN FULLY AUTOMATIC WIRE HARNESS PRODUCTION wire harnesses and by...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 4

Wide variety with up to 36 wire types The different wire types for versatile wire harness production are available on the Omega machines without the need for changeovers. The automatic wire changer provides up to 36 different wires from the entire cross-section range. This enables the range of wires required in the construction of control cabinets, for example, to be covered perfectly. High-resolution labeling in black or color Two automated inkjet printers mark the wires in black and one additional color within the same sequence. After that, the wires are picked up by a shuttle system and...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 5

ACD incision monitoring The ACD detects the slightest contact between the blades and conductor strands during stripping. It is based on a capacitive measuring principle, is integrated in the blade holder and can be operated using any standard stripping blade. The sensitivity of the monitoring can be configured using setting parameters. Defective wire ends are detected automatically and rejected. Untwisting of the wires Unwound wires are always twisted. A special untwisting module removes this twist. The wires are then 100% straight, which is crucial for the subsequent fully automatic...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 6

Shorter lead times – less storage requirement – optimized process Decisive savings in time and logistics and a corresponding growth in productivity can be achieved thanks to the absence of manual steps, interim storage and transport. Cutting, crimping and loading of the terminals all take place on the same machine and the time-consuming storage of individual wires is eliminated. Stock levels of semi-finished products can also be reduced, resulting in faster responses to design changes and reducing the amount of material to be liquidated. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of work in...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 7

01 With the help of the wire storage system, double-sided wire harnesses with a high degree of complexity can easily be produced. 02 S1441 seal module for all conventional seals. 03 The integrated Q1240 strip and seal monitoring visually captures every individual wire end during production.

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 9

High flexibility and simple operation check is also carried out using an optical The new fully automatic blockloaders with measurement system. This image enables enlarged mounting pallets ensure even great- the insertion head to be positioned precisely. er flexibility for specific manufacturing across a wide range of applications. They process Pallet carousel for highly flexible block wire harnesses in a single process step from The Omega 740/750 feature two large pallets required wire harnesses. Already created wire to accommodate many different terminal harnesses can be loaded again in...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 12

OMEGA 745/755 APPLICATION MACHINE The Omega application version has all the The customization aims to provide our cus- previously described benefits and properties tomers with a decisive economic advantage. of the Omega 740/750. What sets it apart is This is primarily achieved through rationaliza- the automated solution developed specifically tion and the associated savings in labor for the customer for the feeding and further costs. Komax is the global market leader in processing of housings and the depositing of the wire processing sector. Our applications wire harnesses. The Omega...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 13

Basic machine Omega 745/755 Processing modules Engineering and processing expertise Individual solutions Engineering and processing expertise Software TopWin + Specic PLC Application engineering First-class engineering services – Full automation for minimal labor re- customized products – he Omega 745/755 offers a customized T – pecially customized solutions can result in S block feed and deposit system for the wire harnesses. – he fully automatic feeding system and T even higher levels of automation and almost autonomous production. – his rationalization means that one T processing of up...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 14

Processing examples Cutting Wire draw-in Cutting pulled strands Wire deposit system/spot taping Full stripping Seal monitoring Half stripping Crimp force monitoring Double insulation cable Integrated crimp height measurement Integrated pull-off force measurement Double crimping Wire length correction Seal insertion Splice detection Good/bad separation/ bad part cutting Sleeve insertion Sequence processing Split cycle for closed terminals Batch separation Ferrule crimping Networking (MES, WPCS, MIKO) Material change detection/ Material verification Solidifying, splicing and welding wire ends...

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Omega 740 / 745 / 750 / 755 - 15

Technical data: Omega 740/750 and 745/755 Omega 740/750 Piece output, single-sided and double-sided loading* Shortest wire length For single-sided loading: 240 mm (9.45 in.) Double-sided jumper connections: 300 – 560 mm** (11.81 – 22.05 in.**) Complex loading: 300 – 780 mm** (11.81 – 30.71 in.**) Strip length Wire cross-sections*** Outer wire diameter Usable transfer length Omega 74x 1880 mm (74 in.), up to five C1370 crimp modules Usable transfer length Omega 75x 2880 mm (113.4 in.), up to eight C1370 crimp modules Usable transfer length extension 1840 mm (72.4 in.) up to five additional...

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