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Ideal for long wiring segments High expectations for high voltage requirements: The KTR 1800 is perfectly equipped for processing high voltage (HV) wiring and cable harnesses with large diameters. The machine is based on the technology of KABATEC‘s KTR 160 unit and offers the option of two different lengths in the linear system. With lengths of 750 mm and optionally 1,500 mm, it is excellently suited for the taping of longer wiring segments and branches. The open winding head allows for simple handling of the branches and fast processing times, with easy insertion and removal of long...

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KTR 1800 - 3

OPEN FOR MORE PERFORMANCE THE OPEN WINDING HEAD MAKES FOR EASIER HANDLING AND SHORTENS PRODUCTION TIMES. ► Long cable branches can be handled optimally with the open winding head. It‘s easy and convenient to insert or remove wiring segments.

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KTR 1800 - 5

Ideal for long windings - Whether for motorhomes or transporters: Long principle cabling segments with many branches can be taped especially well with the KTR 1800 - The linear system is 750 or 1,500 mm in length and is thus ready for long distances. - Up to 25 branches can be handled without problem with the KTR 1800. Precise and safe - No damaging of HV cables with an innovative cutting system specially developed by KABATEC for high-voltage applications. - The high-quality cutting blade is ideal for extremely tough HV tapes. - Maximum safety in handling: The cutting system is well covered...

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KTR 1800 - 6

KTR 1800 Customer-specific options KABATEC takes care of individual customer wishes through the development of special applications. Individual options are available for all machines on request. Through close involvement with long-term customers, new innovations and product optimizations are continually being developed. Convenient and reliable: Barcode scanner Simply scan the barcode and the right program is automatically loaded. The optional barcode scanner simplifies program selection and effectively reduces production times.

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KTR 1800 - 7

Technical Data - The KTR 1800 at a glance Application Taping of long cable harnesses with a multitude of long branches A wide range of of automotive and industrial tapes 9 - 19 mm (on request up to 25 mm) 1.5“ und 3“ Tape and cable harness data Cable harness diameter Maximum winding length Length deviation per winding step Tape materials Tape width Tape core diameter (standard) Maximum exterior tape roll diameter Machine data Winding head rotation speed Feeder type Feed rate Combined linear and tape advance 0-45 mm/rotation, stepless adjustment, programmable Length of linear unit Tape end...

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KTR 1800 - 8

Taping and bundling technology «Made in Germany* Innovative products and the highest quality standards have made KABATEC the global market leader for taping and bundling technologies. With headquarters in Burghaun in central Germany, the company manufactures semi and fully automatic machines for applying adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. For its customers -in particular from the automobile industry - KABATEC provides customized, full system solutions for processing cables and wiring of all sorts. The company>s core business involves the development and production of taping and bundling...

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