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The ideal solution for complex requirements Whether it‘s cable harnesses in the vehicle door, mirror cabling or battery cable harnesses - the KTR 160 taping machine is perfectly outfitted for handling highly complex wiring harnesses. Up to 20 processing steps can be visualized on the machine‘s display, making production much easier and more effective. The memory accommodates a full 95 gigabytes of data and up to 999 lines of programming code can be shown. The two separate motors for the feeder and winding head provide maximum flexibility. This configuration allows for extremely short...

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SIMPLE PRODUCTION THE LINEAR SYSTEM CAN BE FREELY POSITIONED, MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO REALIZE REPEATING PROTRUSION LENGTHS AS DESIRED. Feeder and winding head each have separate servo drives. This gives the KTR 160 unique benefi ts in fl exibility and productivity.

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Best protection - Thanks to the safety hood, maximum protection is guaranteed. Separate manual closing of the safety area is not required because the hood closes automatically with the start of the process. - Simple and quick handling. Visualization and programming - 95 gigabytes provide extra large memory capacity. Depending on the complexity of the stored cable harnesses and the size of the image data, this can accommodate several thousand programs. - Up to 999 lines of code can be shown. - Visualization of the individual winding steps simplifies the production process. - Photos of plugs...

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KTR 160 - 6

Customized applications available on request To handle special customer requirements, KABATEC has a wide range of additional equipment options available. Also for the KTR 160 there are numerous additional applications available that can be selected by customers as required. Barcode scanner Register programs in just seconds - this is possible with the optional barcode scanner. The scanner makes it easy to load programs, for simple processes and effective time saving. Individual winding table Depending on tape widths, cable diameters and the distances between plug ends and the starting point...

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Technical Data - The KTR 160 at a glance Application

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KABATEC GMBH & CO. KG Taping and bundling technology «Made in Germany® Innovative products and the highest quality standards have made KABATEC the global market leader for taping and bundling technologies. With headquarters in Burghaun in central Germany, the company manufactures semi and fully automatic machines for applying adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. For its customers -in particular from the automobile industry - KABATEC provides customized, full system solutions for processing cables and wiring of all sorts. The company>s core business involves the development and production of...

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