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KTB E19P V2 - 1

Automatic benchtop bundling machine

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KTB E19P V2 - 2

KTB E9P/E19P V2 BENCHTOP Perfect results in no time The global automotive industry demands high quality data cables. That is why reputable suppliers rely on KABATEC quality to meet the needs of the market. KTB E9P / E19P V2 Benchtop electric bundling machines are among the most tried and tested machines produced by KABATEC. They have been continuously refined for our customers across the world. Tying off twisted cables KTB E9P / E19P V2 Benchtop machines are distinguished by their extremely short processing times of just 1.8 seconds. Compared to hand tying, these machines reduce production...

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KTB E19P V2 - 3

KTB E9P / E19P V2 Benchtop automatic bundling machines fix and mark both twisted and untwisted cables.

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KTB E19P V2 - 4

The control unit can be installed flexibly and therefore fits perfectly into the production lin

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KTB E19P V2 - 5

Constant production quality KTB E9P/E19P V2 Benchtop automatic bundling machines perform three process steps in the shortest possible time: Dispense tape, cut and wrap the cable. This starts with the cable being inserted into the gripper. The position of the cable is defined by the stop that has already been set. When one of the two start buttons is pressed, the cable grippers close. The bundling process starts by pressing the second start button. After the start process, the KTB E9P / E19P V2 Benchtop moves into the winding material and ties the cables according to the customer’s...

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KTB E19P V2 - 6

Tailor-made solutions from KABATEC provide a service to the customer: Due to the large number of different adhesive tapes, cable types and cross-sections, we invite customers to send in a sample so that a feasibility test can be conducted in advance. KABATEC then delivers the bundler directly with the perfect setting. 01 Cable is tensioned by the grippers 02 Simple and safe handling thanks to two-handed operation 03 Repeatable wrapping results 04 Adjustable stop guarantees accuracy of the ties 05 Individual settings of the process parameters

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KTB E19P V2 - 7

Technical data We would be pleased to offer you the automatic bundling machine as part of a complete system with a robot or on an XYZ traverse. Furthermore, thanks to its special functionality, the automatic bundling machine can be used in any installation position (horizontal, vertical, inclined). In addition, the width of the bundling head on the KTB E9P/E19P V2 Benchtop is only 34 mm, for the reliable bundling of short sections.

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KTB E19P V2 - 8

KABATEC GMBH & CO. KG Taping and bundling technology «Made in Germany* Innovative products and the highest quality standards have made KABATEC the global market leader for taping and bundling technologies. With headquarters in Burghaun in central Germany, the company manufactures semi and fully automatic machines for applying adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. For its customers -in particular from the automobile industry - KABATEC provides customized, full system solutions for processing cables and wiring of all sorts. The company>s core business involves the development and production of...

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