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Electrical Spot Taping Machine

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KTB 50 E Plus - 2

TB PLUS Perfect results in the shortest time The global automotive industry sets high quality standards with regard to the processing and insulation of welded connectors. In order to meet these market requirements, renowned suppliers rely on KABATEC quality. The KTB E PLUS spot taping machine is one of the time-tested and continuously improved products which KABATEC has been producing for customers all over the world since its very inception. Bundling – insulating – marking: A distinguishing feature of the KTB E PLUS is its remarkably short process time of just 1.8 seconds. The machine...

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KTB 50 E Plus - 3

The KTB E PLUS insulates, bundles, fastens and marks cables of various types.

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KTB 50 E Plus - 4

QUICK AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Processing takes only around 1.8 seconds – this means that the KTB E PLUS saves more than 60 percent of the time otherwise taken for insulating by hand.

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KTB 50 E Plus - 5

Consistent production quality The KTB E PLUS semi-automatic spot taping machine performs three processing steps in a very short time: Tape dispensing, cutting and winding around the cable. First, the cable is inserted. The gripper grips it and moves it into the machine. At the same time, the preset quantity of tape is pre-dispensed. It then moves against the tape and then immediately passes through the applying rollers. These ensure that the cable is completely enclosed. The adhesive sides of the tape come together. While the cable then moves further into the bundling head, more tape is...

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KTB 50 E Plus - 6

KABATEC also provides tailored customer service solutions: As there are so many different tapes, cables and cross sections, customers can send in a material sample for feasibility testing. KABATEC then supplies the machine with the ideal settings already made.

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KTB 50 E Plus - 7

There are three models of the KTB E PLUS: The largest model is the KTB 50 E PLUS, which processes adhesive tapes up to 50 millimeters wide. It was specially developed for insulating intermediate nodes. As easy as one-two-three - perfectly tailored solutions for every tape width For tape widths of up to 38 millimeters, the KTB 38 E PLUS is the ideal choice. The third and smallest model is the KTB 19 E PLUS: This model is perfect for tapes up to 19 millimeters wide.

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KTB 50 E Plus - 8

KABATEC - Bandaging and Bundling Technology The highest quality standards and innovative products are what make KABATEC the global market leader for bandaging and bundling equipment. Based in Burghaun in Hesse, Germany, the company manufactures fully and semi-automatic machines for dispensing and applying adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. KABATEC creates tailor-made integrated solutions for processing all types of cables and wires for its customers - particularly those in the automotive industry. Its core business is the development and production of bandaging and bundling machines, as well...

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