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MES for Industry 4.0 in the wire processing sector – ptimizes the entire value chain O Today, wire processing takes place in a context of increasing complexity with demanding requirements in terms of productivity, quality and traceability. New materials, miniaturization and zero-defect production are the biggest challenges – coupled with a simultaneous increase in cost pressure on the products. In order to meet those challenges, production control through an industry-specific MES is absolutely essential. In collaboration with iTAC Software, Komax has developed the tailor-made manufacturing...

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OPTIMIZES THE ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN% SP Planning Production Data Final Assembly Pre-Assembly Line Cutting Area Raw Material Supply Testing Final product Delivery Makes wire processing Industry 4.0-capable Komax MES is precisely tailored to the needs of wire harness manufacturing: flexibly scalable for all industries and companies of every size. The system has the requisite functional intelligence and can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT systems. This enables economical, individualized production of complex products for batches of any size. Komax MES optimally and...

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Komax MES - 5

processing industry expertise to the manu- from the two industry leaders facturing execution system. As the market MES is the product from the global leader leader, Komax offers future-ready solu- in the wire processing industry, Komax, in tions, business intelligence and tools for collaboration with iTAC Software. Together precise contact connections to all indus- with the innovative partner for production tries and sectors worldwide. And it does control software, Komax developed the so with the expertise amassed in over high-performance, cloud-capable software 40 years “at the cutting...

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Komax MES - 6

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Komax MES - 7

FULL-TIME ACCESS Saves set-up costs and planning time Increases effectiveness through The production planning APS (Advanced Process flow planning with APS guaran- machine data collection Planning and Scheduling) functions inte- tees compliance with the specified process To achieve maximum productivity and the grated in Komax MES automatically handle steps, standardizes procedures and en- best overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the planning of resources. The basis for ables firm assurances with regard to deliv- operating and machine data is systemati- this is generally the production...

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Komax MES - 8

Optimizes the use of machinery and staff The system decides on the optimal assignment of jobs to the machinery based on the machine capabilities. At the same time, it conducts the scheduling of employees based on their availability and their capabilities in terms of machine setup and operation. If two machines are equally well suited to the task, the system selects the one with lower set-up requirements. Idle times are avoided and new scheduling can be conducted easily if operational malfunctions occur. The integrated machine administration records the most important machine data such as...

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Komax MES - 9

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CONTROL OF ALL PRODUCTION PROCESSES Increases quality – reduces scrap Optimizes inventory management – Komax MES offers comprehensive capabil- reduces tied-up capital ities to ensure compliance with quality To regulate material flows in every phase requirements, enhance product quality and of production, Komax MES offers “Material fulfill OEM quality standards. Quality data and Logistics“ as a service. The sophisti- management ensures that processing cated material and logistics planning capa- takes place with correct crimp data. Pro- bility enhances planning security by...

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Komax MES - 10

HIGHLY SCALABLE WITH INCREMENTAL INTRODUCTION Construction Stages Solution finding Solution finding Solution finding Project Phases High scalability – step by step tool management.” Each introduction step, Komax MES is highly scalable. It grows in turn, comprises three project phases: to meet requirements and remains in step First: analysis and determination of the with rising demand. Flexibly adapted to solution. Second: implementation. Third: meet individual requirements – from the operational phase. The duration of the small companies with just a few machines project phases depends on...

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Komax MES - 11

Komax helps companies achieve their objectives – ncrease OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) I – Reduce scrap – Fulfill new OEM quality standards – Become the preferred supplier – Ensure end-to-end traceability – Implement any number of new processes Possible next steps One potential next step would be to integrate the entire cutting chamber. Or the focus might be on the complete automation of production planning in order to plan the shifts of the machine operators and increase productivity. After that, all further steps can be done in phases: material management or a tool management...

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Komax MES - 12

Komax - leading the field now and in the future As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automated wire processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precise contact connections. Komax manufactures series and customer-specific machinery for various industries, catering for every degree of automation and customization. Its range of quality tools, test systems, and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production. Komax is a globally active Swiss company with...

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