Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine


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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 2

HIGH-PERFORMANCE, EVEN FOR SMALL CROSS-SECTIONS Cutting force, high volume output and advanced sensor technology make the Kappa machines the number one choice for automated cutting and stripping, even for smaller wire cross-sections. The machines can be used very efficiently thanks to their simple, intuitive control elements. Simple, intuitive operation – ntuitive TopTouch software with operating i instructions – aximum transparency thanks to simple m adjustment settings Quick setup and changeover – ool-free changeover t – etup and parameterization at the push of s a button – nnovative...

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 3

Wide range of applications The Kappa product family stands out thanks to its extremely broad processing range. Its intuitive and simple operation and controls allow you to easily set up even difficult-to-process materials, with extremely fast tool-free changeover to new types of wires. Fast, simple operation The intuitive TopTouch operating software guides the user through the process logically. During production, operators have maximum transparency thanks to simple adjustment settings for important parameters. This makes the Kappa machines especially intuitive and safe to...

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 5

Kappa 310 – fast from 0.02 mm 2 The Kappa 310 is an ultra-compact high-speed machine for reliable controlled processing of the smallest cross-sections from 0.02 mm² to 6 mm². – ltra-fast cutting and stripping for high u production output – owerful drive axles for extremely high p cable transport speeds – ire feed parts can be changed without w tools – inimal setup thanks to unique sensors m – emory for process parameters, includm ing programmable wire applied pressure valves – rocessing set for short wire lengths p starting from 18 mm 01 Direct inkjet interface as entry-level solution. 02...

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 7

Kappa 315 – powerful up to 10 mm 2 The Kappa 315 is fitted with a powerful and robust blade head and has a processing range that comprises cross-sections of 0.05 mm² to 10 mm². – precise and robust blade axis – ifferent blade shapes for the highest d stripping quality – ire feed parts can be changed without w tools – inimal setup time thanks to a unique m conductor detector – emory for process parameters, includm ing programmable wire applied pressure valves – rocessing set for short wire lengths p starting from 30 mm Blade head with 8-hole wire fe

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 9

Kappa 320 - keeps all options open The Kappa 320 stands out with its broad spectrum of possibilities for processing wire cross-sections of 0.05 mm2 up to 10 mm2. - extremely precise and powerful blade axis design - comparable wire length measurement with automatic length compensation - wire feed parts can be changed without tools - changeover times reduced through unique sensors - memory for process parameters, applied pressure valves and cable diameter - processing set for short wire lengths starting from 30 mm 01 01 Length measurement system for consistent wire lengths and wire slip...

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 10

* Kappa machines can process many conductors outside the indicated cross-section range, however certain extremely hard, tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the indicated cross-section range. If in doubt, we are happy to provide you with samples of your wires.

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Kappa 310/315/320 Stripping machine - 12

Komax - leading the field now and in the future As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automated wire processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precise contact connections. Komax manufactures series and customer-specific machinery for various industries, catering for every degree of automation and customization. Its range of quality tools, test systems, and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production. Komax is a globally active Swiss company with...

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