Gamma 255 Crimping machine


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Gamma 255 The fully automatic wire processing machine for wires with small cross sections

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Gamma 255 Crimping machine - 2

Top quality processing over a uniquely broad range of cross sections. This fully automatic wire processing machine excels in its simplicity of operation and flexibility. Whether the task is double-ended crimping or twisting, fluxing or tinning, the Gamma 255 will carry it out with compellingly unique process control and minimal changeover times. In spite of its compactness, this unit has fully integrated quality-monitoring and feed systems as part of its standard equipment. Area of application The Komax Gamma 255 is a flexible fully automatic wire processing machine for efficient wire...

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Gamma 255 Crimping machine - 3

Technology The entire cross section is processed using programmable, highly dynamic servo-drives and V stripping blades. As part of its standard equipment, the machine has a prefeeder, splice detection, wire-end monitoring and knot detection, as well as two wire straightening stations. The integrated prefeeder assures gentle wire feed from drums, coils or reels even at high draw-in speeds. A bad-wire handling system with automatic post-production is also integrated. The machine has a WPCS interface and can thus be easily integrated into a production planning system (Komax MES or...

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Gamma 255 Crimping machine - 4

Flexible Contemporary wire processing requires total solutions with optimized functions and costs. To meet these demands, processing modules such as the mci 712 and mci 722 crimp module, the mci 782 twisting module, and the ioc 785 fluxing/tinning module with all process monitoring units are integrated right into the TopWin user software. With a choice of two different crimp modules, you can adapt the Gamma 255 to meet your individual needs. No matter what products you manufacture on the Gamma 255, this machine’s intuitive operations allow you to make full use of its flexibility. All...

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Gamma 255 Crimping machine - 5

Coaxial and triaxial cable processing Full stripping Half stripping Split cycle for closed barrels Ferrule crimping Twisting / Tinning Inkjet marking Options and Accessories Feeding systems

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Gamma 255 Crimping machine - 6

Conductor FLRY 0.50mm2 (AWG20) Pneumatic pressure 6bar (87psi) Speed 100% Acceleration 100% Crimping module mci 712 Crimp force analysis active * Information is subject to change and depends on the materials being processed Technical data Length range Length accuracy Strip length Wire cross-sections* Wire infeed speed Noise level Electrical connection 870 kg (1918lb) gross – with packaging Heigth with cover closed: Heigth with cover open: Machine layout Gamma 255 By the same token, it may not be able to process certain extremely hard, tough wires even though they are within the indicated...

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