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Cosmic 32M / 32M CDD

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Electrical stripping machine

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THE WAY TO MAKE IT | PRECISELY RIGHT The Cosmic 32M and Cosmic 32M CDD are electrical wire stripping machines. They process single conductors and inner conductors of multicore cables. The portable machines are easy to operate and have extremely short cycle times. The Cosmic 32M CDD satisfies the ever tougher quality requirements in wire processing. Your integrated conductor damage detector is unique in this price category. Area of application The stripping machines process conductors with outside diameters of 0.6 – 4mm and cross sections of 0.03 – 3.3mm² (AWG 32 – 12). The semi-automatic...

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Intuitive operation The operation of the Cosmic 32M and 32M CCD is highly intuitive and entails no lead time. With just three analogous controls, you can set diameter, stripping length and pull-off length. The display shows the cut diameter in 0.01 mm increments. It is easy to trigger a processing cycle: The stripping process starts automatically the moment the tip of the conductor touches the trigger sensor. If automatic triggering is not desired or possible (e.g. due to flexible conductors), the foot-operated switch is used. Three analogue controls and one release sensor CDD measuring...

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Made in Switzerland Subject to change 0309508 – Version 1 Cosmic 32M and CDD Processing samples Conductors with full and partial pull-off Flat, diamond-coated grippers (for smooth conductors, e.g. halogen-free) Thin grippers (for short insertion lengths) Foot-operated switch Air blow cleaning Fault alarm – Warning buzzer (Cosmic 32M CDD) Technical data Outside diameter Conductor diameter Conductor cross section Stripping length Pull-off / partial pull-off length 2 – 25mm Minimum insert length L (valid for sheathed cables with outside diameter) <= 5.5 mm / 0.21 in. L+Stripping length L...

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