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bt 188 T / 288 Semiautomatic twister

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Superb twisting quality and high speed – these are the hallmarks of the bt 188 T and bt 288 semiautomatic twisting machines from Komax. They are also easy to operate, a ­ ttractively priced and guarantee fantastic performance. The bt 288 features two twisting lines, making it the perfect solution for ­ fficient e wire set processing – even where large q ­ uantities are involved. When combined with the new optional spot taping unit, the bt 188 T binds both wire ends using cloth or PVC tape. Fast, flexible and easy to use – imple, intuitive operation S – igh production speed with one operator...

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Outstanding options available with e ­ xcellent process reliability – spot taping unit can be integrated to A to four wires with excellent results. The enable precise and automatic binding. parameters can be adjusted as required, This processes both wire ends simul­ which the machine then uses to automati­ cally calculate the required cut length. For taneously. – t is also possible to integrate a high-­ I e ­ xample, you can vary the final twisted precision multi-conductor twisting unit length, the pitch length, the wire cross sec­ that is capable of handling three or four tion, the outer...

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Optional fully automatic spot taping unit.

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New and unique: fully automatic spot taping unit The integrated spot taping unit is only available for the bt 188 T. The unit binds small tapes of cloth or PVC to the twisted cable ends to avoid unwinding during transport and assembly. Customers also have the option of upgrading their existing systems with this market innovation from Komax. - Automatic taping - Taping unit position kept constant in relation to center of wire - Both wire ends taped simultaneously Increased quality requirements There is a constant increase in the number of communication wires used in cars and in the level of...

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bt 288 – for maximum productivity The Komax bt 288 is based on the proven and tested technology of the bt 188 T. With a second twisting line, this semi­ automatic twisting machine offers virtually double the production efficiency without any reduction in processing quality. And with its small footprint, it takes up hardly any space at all. The bt 288 c ­ alculates the cut length automatically and – in conjunction with the flat gripper option – can be used to twist three or four wires. The intuitive software (operated via touchscreen) enables you to save the twisting parameters. Thanks to...

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* Dependent on process parameters and process speed ** Final twisted length dependent on material and pitch length *** With option for two short twisted wires; minimum wire length > 160 mm (6.3 in) **** Set values: Cable: FLRY 2 x 0.50 mm2 (AWG 30), pitch: 20 mm (0.8 in), final twisted length: 1,000 mm (39.4 in), open end on left and right: 30 mm (1.2 in), overtwist: 25 % Initial situation

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Komax – leading the field now and in the future As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automated wire processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precise contact connections. Komax manufactures series and customerspecifi c machinery for various industries, catering for every degree of automation and customization. Its range of quality tools, test systems, and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production. Komax is a globally active Swiss company with development...

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