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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 2

MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Constantly high productivity and flexibility with precision are today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for fully automated wire assembly. Alpha 550 – the latest fully automatic wire TOP PERFORMANCE IS OUR CONNECTION TO THE FUTURE. processing machine for double-sided seal insertion – fulfills all requirements with revolutionary technology. Thanks to the best cost-perunit, the highest flexible production performance and outstanding quality, the Alpha 550 offers decisive competitive advantages. The machine is available with ACD incision monitoring and the Q1250 scalable...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 5

Ultra-fast conversion for maximum productivity Simple, fast setup and conversion approaches allow short travel paths while accelerating the pro edures. With the c At high speed for top unit touch screen, keyboard and mouse, the cost performance Alpha 550 can be oper ted in a time-sava With its high processing speed, the ing and ergonomic fashion. The intuitive A lpha 550 achieves the best unit cost machine software allows the next job to be p erformance in its class. All system loaded without halting operations and the material and the tool to be prepared. Indi- formance. The processes are...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 7

First-time-right approach The different process modules make it Perfectly synchronized machine processes possible to have complex and individual- and quality assurance and monitoring func- ized configurations with up to four stations. tions ensure top precision and excellent 01 The robust swivel arm with its un beatable repeat accuracy supports stable wire processing. 02 Highly effective option: quick-change wire draw-in. 03 Quick and reliable setup directly on the crimp module. CpK results. Processes are optimum thanks to the reliable EtherCAT technology. The market leader’s Robust system...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 8

Optical quality monitoring Q1250 scalable The quality tool visually checks the stripping quality and automatically rejects faulty products. A seal monitoring function is also available that monitors the seal position and orientation. Thanks to the high-performance color camera, any crimp defects such as crimped-on strands or insulation in the crimp can be monitored. Easy to integrate into the production process. Product quality can be seamlessly tracked using statistics, image saving and network feedback. C1370 / C1360 / C1340 crimp module for maximum productivity Shortest setup and...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 9

Basic wire deposit module 2 m: 3825 mm (150.6 in) Basic wire deposit module 4 m: 5770 mm (227 in) Height with cover closed: 1790 mm (70.5 in) Height with cover completely open (maximum opening): 2790 mm (109.8 in) Technical data 0.13 – 6 mm² (AWG 26 – 10)* Wire cross sections Wire draw-in speed Outside diameter of conductor Length range Full stripping Half stripping Crimp force Process modules side 1   2 / Noise level < 80 dB (without crimp tool) Electrical connection Air consumption Crimp / Crimp Crimp-Seal / Crimp-Seal Weight (incl. 2 crimp modules) * Very hard or tough wires may not be...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 10

The finished cables are placed gently in the smooth deposit unit made of stainless steel. FLRY conductors Wire draw-in speed Crimp module Seal module Crimp force analysis Deposit gripper Crimp / Crimp Crimp-Seal / Crimp-Seal The actual output rate can vary with application and machine configur

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 11

Options and accessories Automatic delivery systems Marking systems Komax 26 hot-stamp marker • Komax inkjet marking systems • Laser marking on request Blade holders Double-blade line for V-blades and special blades • Single-blade line for V-blades Process modules C1370 / C1360 / C1340 crimp module • S1441 seal module • Double gripper module Possible on request: X1582 twisting module • X1585 tinning module • Sleeve module • AEH ferrule module • MIL crimp module • Welding module • Ultrasonic compaction Quality control Integrated crimp height measurement • Integrated pull-out force measurement...

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Alpha 550 Crimping machine - 12

Komax – leading the field now and in the future As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automated wire processing, Komax provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions for any situation that calls for precise contact connections. Komax manufactures series and customer-specific machinery for various industries, catering to every degree of automation and customization. Its range of quality tools, test systems, and intelligent networking solutions complete the portfolio, and ensure safe and efficient production. Komax is a globally active Swiss company with development...

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